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Few things in this entry, presuming I can remember what I’ve watched in the last week. 

Schedulers are super unhelpful, but we all know that, right?

Side note for any Sarah Jane Adventures fans passing by – Daniel Anthony is in Casualty, which is GREAT. He was brilliant in SJA and I am super super happy that he’s turned up in something I watch so I don’t have to add in a show just for him (I would, seriously, he’s brilliant).

Holby, on the other hand, is fucking annoying at the moment and I still hate Oliver.

Also - knew I'd forgotten something - I have now seen all of Black Mirror but that will need an entry to itself, which I had better work on for tomorrow evening. 

Being Human, Lightfields, Jack Taylor: The Guards )
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I am so ill. I have a horrendous stomach bug that is making me sadface and preventing me doing anything of much use (I was quite proud of myself for managing to wash up this morning, put it that way).

However, one thing I have managed is watching TV/films, so:

Bourne Legacy )

Safe )

TV-wise, I watched eps 1-4 of Dancing On The Edge, but I'm going to ramble/complain about that when I've seen ep 5 so I won't start rambling now.

Spoilers in the cut below:

Utopia, Ripper Street, Call the Midwife, Being Human etc )
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TBH even calling this a liveblog is kind. Liveramble, maybe.

(at some point I'll try to do something on the series as a whole)

Flailing, caps lock, all of that )
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So! Being Human Series 4! We’re only coming up to the sixth episode, I’m not that behind.


Cut for spoilers just in case )

And it’s on tonight! Woo.

ETA: whoops, forgot the video (the whole show does seem to be on YT):

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