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 I have added all the jewellery I've made (bar one bracelet that needs fixing) to my DaWanda shop! YAY!

Shop with all jewellery and cards is here, if you are interested: http://en.dawanda.com/shop/hanlondon and if anyone feels like sending the link on to friends or whatever, that would be very much appreciated. :D

I would go off and have a rest now (I've spent all day working through 20 postings) but I have to update the links on my tumblr. /o\ 

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 So, I finally got most (let's not say all, because I probably haven't) of my card photos - but especially the Christmas ones - uploaded to my cards tumblr. 


That's basically a gallery for my card shop, which I have been threatening to write about for a very long time now.


(I also have photos of the jewellery I've made here - hanlondonjewellery.tumblr.com - but I haven't added any of that to the shop yet)

I suppose I should add some context, right? Well, I have been making cards since I was at university (coming up to 10 years ago), although it was mostly because I like making them/making personalised cards. Crafting stuff is just damn pretty. I've got an entire cupboard full now, which is possibly a little ott. 

For a few years now, I've had more cards made than I can possibly use, and I've been meaning to set up the shop. I think I finally got round to it earlier this year, which is fairly typical for my level of organisation. I then had various problems with hard drives dying and so on, so it took me ages to get the photos edited, uploaded and added. I've currently got 80 entries on there, and I've got 250ish cards (although a few of the entries are for packs, and I've used quite a few cards recently rather than making new ones). I do intend to add the others to the shop, honest. 

Anyway, I'd really appreciate it if you'd have a look, and forward on the link if you like the look of my stuff (obviously if you want to buy some cards, that would be lovely *g*). 

Just a few examples:

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Today has been rather good. I intended to work on uploading cards to my shop, which I did. I now have 65 items (a couple are group packs of Christmas cards) here:


So if you fancy having a look or passing on the link to anyone who might be interested I’d be very pleased :). At the moment I’ve just listed as selling in the UK and the cards are between €2-3 each (it’s a European site).

(NB I will probably do a separate post with some pics when I’ve uploaded some more as I have 200+ cards – planning on uploading more this week)

In between that I managed to watch my outstanding episodes of Better Off Ted (which turned out to be 8 of them!) and lo, it was hilarious. I’m planning on doing a show/rec post soon as everyone needs to see this show.

I also watched a couple of episodes of Sarah Jane Adventures that it turned out I hadn’t seen (The Eternity Trap), so that was ace.

And I watched last Monday’s Scott and Bailey which was just guh, oh my goodness, AMAZING. I hope it gets recommissioned forever and ever.

(incidentally, if anyone is watching Scott and Bailey and enjoying Lesley Sharp being amazing, try Afterlife, it was excellent)

And then I finally got round to watching Attack The Block, which I had from Lovefilm, and it was as good as everyone had said. And I loved what they did with the aliens – definitely something different. Very much recommended.

Also, I have just watched Silent Witness: 

Silent Witness )
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Because things have happened and I am finally starting to feel better.

a) Getting work health insurance so worth it, as I have an appointment with a dermatologist next week. Current main suspect for all this trouble: sun.
b) At the weekend I decided to i. keep the sun off my neck and ii. stop using products containing SLS on it. This was basically desperation, but one or the other has worked so well that I may not have any symptoms to show the dermatologist. Good thing I took pictures.
c) The Hour continues to be excellent, and if all the episodes are on iPlayer I will attempt to have an lj ramble about it.
d) Yesterday when loading the dishwasher at my parents’ house I found a metal ring (with little metal skulls) in the sink. It’s not mine. It’s definitely not Lesley’s. Sometimes, I have to remind myself that I’m not superstitious (we’re pretty sure we know where it came from but it’s still weird).
e) I continue to have fic idea upon fic idea, but not to be able to actually finish anything.
f) I am going through all my cards to make sure I have decent photos so I can finally set up a thing to sell them.
g) I am going to set up a photo blog soon, damn it. I am.
h) I am going to the athletics Grand Prix at Crystal Palace tomorrow! This is the first sporting event I have ever chosen to attend.
i) I have read the new Luther book and it was fucking awesome.

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