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So for AGES I have been wanting to make myself something to hold all the brooches I don't have on my coats. Currently I only have a small collection of brooches (compared to everything else, ahem) and I had the vague idea of making some sort of frame.

Recently I found this project to make an earring holder and thought I could repurpose it for brooches:


However when I started the knitting I got frustrated very quickly, and went looking for a different pattern. I found this crochet blanket pattern on Ravelry:


It's a very simple pattern that ends up looking like a grid, so won't be flashier than the brooches. 

I crocheted it with some scrap yarn and got a photo frame from Poundland, and this evening I pinned the crochet work to the frame and stuck some patterned paper to the back of it before putting it all together.

And this is what it looks like. I am really pleased with how it turned out!

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I thought it might be a good idea to post links to some crochet patterns I've used since learning to crochet, as I started as a total beginner and have since managed to teach two other people (more to come hopefully) so I have a good idea of what to rec.

A few times I've failed to take a photo of something and only realised once I've given it away, so some of these are just links.

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I have also made three blankets on a granny square theme, but as one of them was a granny rectangle here is a link to the pattern anyway:

blankets )

I actually did not realise I had made this many things. Go me, frankly :D.

ETA: am idiot, forgot to mention the excellent www.planetjune.com/shop/ where you can buy many animal crochet patterns including DINOSAURS. So I bought some patterns and have so far made these: 


Worth spending the money :)

(I also have some little bunny patterns from this site I want to make at some point soon)

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