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 While I am on a roll with posting, let's try to get back into this and talk about TV (because Silent Witness fandom has dropped off the internet I think, so I'll have to talk to myself). 

1) Foyle's War has been excellent, and last night's episode managed to be very timely (by accident) as it dealt with anti-semitism. I am finding Foyle's new position quite interesting. Also Sam's inability to stay in the car. 

2) Atlantis somehow went away and turned into a good show for series two. HOW. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? I'm not kidding, it has actually become enjoyable to watch for reasons other than laughing incredulously. I can't even refer to it as shirtless nonsense hour anymore ffs (more shirtlessness pls). 

3) Sleepy Hollow is ridiculous and I love it. I don't care if it doesn't make any sense. Also casting spoiler ) 

4) I REALLY LOVE GOTHAM. Once I've done this and put away all my bills etc (boring) I am going to watch episode 11. I love everything about it, especially Alfred. Ahem. 


5) MUSKETEERS! Musketeers has been very good, though I cannot fricking stand Marc Warren and that stupid voice he is doing and his stupid face and his stupid attitude and I don't care if it is all intentional I wish he would just fuck off. Ahem. However the main cast are still incredibly attractive so good for them. 

6) Silent Witness returned with the usual 'but it isn't remotely accurate!' articles blahing on about how forensic scientists don't do any of this, as if people who are watching a show in its EIGHTEENTH series don't know that. We know, we don't care, can't we talk about how attractive Jack is or how Emilia Fox manages to keep having amazing hair or how excellent Clarissa is? There's bugger all fandom for the show, sadly (even less since Harry left) so apparently no we can't. Anyway there was a sniper and Richard was an idiot (SHOCK - I hope his characterisation is intentional because he is always an idiot) and it was very good. 

7) Brooklyn 99 is amazing and hilarious but I've forgotten what episode I'm up to so I won't go into details. 

8) Broadchurch came back and I watched the first episode (not by choice, I was at my parents') and it was miserable from start to end. Hoping to avoid the rest of the series.


10) Recently I have watched Inglorious Basterds (enjoyed it a lot) and rewatched Hot Fuz (still perfection). Thought there was something else but I've forgotten now. 

11) Spiral is back and it is great. Roban :D I love watching Laure and Gilou attempting to be sensible adults. I think only one of them can be at a time because they do seem to swap. 

12) On Emmerdale, I am enjoying the current round of Aaron Makes Terrible Life Decisions up until any point when Robert is onscreen. I hate him SO MUCH. Elsewhere, Cain is an idiot, Charity is annoying, Adam is being sweet and I am feeling very bad about the Belle storyline (I actually dropped the show around the time she killed Gemma as it was all quite depressing).  
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ETA: I have no idea why half this entry is in bold, I can't even see the relevant tag in the html. Might try to fix it again later but having no luck rn. Fixed thanks to [livejournal.com profile] delgaserasca.

…It isn’t Thursday night, obviously. It’s a Monday morning, and I’ve had no sleep, thanks to my idiot neighbour (the nice one, not Downstairs Man, he is a prick) who went out and left his computer game on pause, playing the same short piece of music over and over and over and over ALL NIGHT.


I am going to have a word with him later and if that does not include me screaming in his face, he should count himself lucky. Presuming I go home tonight – tempted to go over to my parents’ but I am already going over there for two nights this week so probably best if I do go home. Also I have stuff to do (photos).

[NB: I am posting this on Wednesday morning, and I have spoken to him, and turns out a few people were annoyed by this music, FANCY THAT. Turned out to be his computer screensaver, but I don’t think he’s going to be leaving it on again in a hurry. Also I’ve now had two good nights’ sleep, so am feeling a bit more like myself now]

So, in other news, I went to Hastings with the parents and Pudding a couple of weeks ago, but that’s a separate post (posted last night). Since getting back I have been working like a loon, reading, trying to catch up on TV and occasionally going out for things that are not food, but mostly not (by which I mean supermarkets, not restaurants).

Cut for spoilers (books/film):

Broken Homes, London Calling, Dandy Gilver and A Deadly Measure of Brimstone, The Killing Moon )Blancanieves )

I haven’t finished Top of the Lake yet, but it’s nice to watch a show where if something doesn’t quite make sense, there’s a fair chance it’s not just me, it’s the show.

Haven’t watched that thing on BBC One on Sunday nights atm (What Remains? Something like that) but am intending to get to it soon.

Currently watching Vera, which I am enjoying as ever. Last night’s was particularly heartbreaking in various places, and featured Saskia Reeves and Hugh Simon (!). Joe continues to be lovely.

Can’t think of what else has been on. Emmerdale is super annoying, I haaaaaate one of the new doctors on Holby (even more so after the most recent episode) and Casualty is pretty good. I have seen a few episodes of Coronation Street and I saw one episode of Eastenders and would like to know what happened in Devon, but other than that I don’t care. I’ve been watching quite a lot of CSI New York (ideal background show for me) and a few episodes of The Mindy Project here and there.

I need to rewatch Luther so I can do a proper entry about the series. And also work out if 303 & 304 actually do hang together at all (based on one viewing I’m veering towards no).

I'm going to try to catch up on TOTL tonight, while I do various boring things that need sorting now I've had enough sleep to deal with them.

In other exciting news, I am getting a haircut on Friday. WOOHOO! Going to go quite short this time, although I haven't decided how short.

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Last night, my Dad and I watched Surrogates (his choice). Today I wrote 758 words on why it was stupid, THANKS DAD. 

(this was supposed to be a quick rant for delgaserasca but then aaaaargh it got long)

Spoilers, so many spoilers, but I don't recommend watching this film so don't worry about it )
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I thought I’d posted about Dredd, but apparently not, and I have a couple of other films to mention. I’m in a real action movies phase at the moment, as it turns out.

As mentioned, I had Dredd from Lovefilm recently, which I really enjoyed. I thought Karl Urban was very good, and I liked the set up (although have never read the comics so have no idea how close it was to the source). It reminded me a bit of The Raid: Redemption (the lockdown plot), which I loved (I think I posted about that but if not, it's amazing and everyone should watch it). Worth watching, I think.

When I came back from France, it turned out Lockout had arrived. Initially I couldn’t remember what this film was or why I’d ordered it, but when I looked it up I realised that it was the prison ship film that came out last year and that explained it all, really.

There were some really good people in it – Lennie James, woo! – and I enjoyed the nonsense plot (president’s daughter is doing human rights work on a prison spaceship when shit goes very wrong, and then a wrongfully-convicted man is sent to go get her back), and Joe Gilgun was entertainingly nuts (I particularly enjoyed how on an American prison spaceship where the worst of the worst were being kept, the two main prisoners were Scottish, OKAY THEN). There was also a lot of fighting and shooting, so that part of my brain was happy. I thought Maggie Grace did pretty well as the main female character too.

Oh, and I had been hoping for a Jason Statham film from Lovefilm, but turns out Lockout is a Luc Besson film, which is enough of an intersection (he was behind The Transporter and District 13) that it basically gave me what I wanted. Woo! I am so easy sometimes. 

I also watched You’ve Got Mail, which I haven’t seen for years but which I really, really enjoyed. It reminded me that I need to search out her writing.

I haven’t been to the cinema recently but I would very much like to see Pacfic Rim and The World’s End, so we’ll see if that comes off. I wanted to see Hummingbird but it wasn’t on anywhere convenient at any convenient time, so that’ll have to go on the DVD list.

Attack the Block is on 4 right now, which I recommend if you have not seen it (presumably it'll be on 4oD) and [Rec] 2 is on afterwards, so might try to watch that online at some point as [Rec] was excellent. 

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First, a couple of links:


Seventeen year old girl enters Hackathon, wins with hack that kills spoilers on twitter. (from geekfeminism.org/)


Book launch goes wrong when the top line of each page doesn’t print, so they turn the books in to art (from www.galactisuburbia.podbean.com/, which is a podcast I’ve started listening to recently)

And now, things I have watched recently:

The Raid, Foyle's War, In The Flesh, Scott and Bailey, Murder on the Home Front )

Wow. I am surprised that I had this much to say, hahahaha.

FYI tonight on ITV there's Life of Crime with Hayley Atwell and one Sunday The Suspicions of Mr Whicher with Paddy Considine and Olivia Colman. 

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I am so ill. I have a horrendous stomach bug that is making me sadface and preventing me doing anything of much use (I was quite proud of myself for managing to wash up this morning, put it that way).

However, one thing I have managed is watching TV/films, so:

Bourne Legacy )

Safe )

TV-wise, I watched eps 1-4 of Dancing On The Edge, but I'm going to ramble/complain about that when I've seen ep 5 so I won't start rambling now.

Spoilers in the cut below:

Utopia, Ripper Street, Call the Midwife, Being Human etc )
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Well. Today I watched a very, very odd film. So odd that I'm actually posting about something I've watched twice in two days. It's like it's 2009 or something. 

(as per usual, this is not a review but more a ramble)

Blitz is a film adaptation of a Ken Bruen novel. I have tried to read a Ken Bruen novel in the past - possibly this one - but did not finish it as I just could not get on with the style. It stars Jason Statham as DS Tom Brant, who is a massive cliche. MASSIVE. CLICHE. It's amazing how many stereotypical tough, gritty London copper elements are packed into this one guy. 

Also in the cast are Paddy Considine, David Morrissey, Zawe Ashton and Aiden Gillen. 

Spoilers beyond the cut...

Spoilers )

So, all in all, I would recommend this film. The first part of the film was over the top gritty nonsense, but once the film gets over needing to establish Statham as the lone cop with no limits blah blah blah and just gets on with the plot it improves massively and actually does some unexpected things with its characters. I'm also tempted to give the book another try... 

ps I thought this Mark Kermode review made some very good points: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FaiNU-1wMA8
pps just realised in this whole thing I haven't mentioned the action scenes: the film is fairly violent and the Statham fighting is not quite as good as in The Transporter (which is fair enough), but the action scenes are nicely put together and there's only one point where I thought it got too violent. Actually on the whole there are some really good shots where things are implied rather than shown full-on.  
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I have had such a busy weekend.

Friday night kikishua came over as Strictly was on, so we watched that which was fun. Saturday we went to Ikea \o/, where I bought stuff (including a laptop rest which has turned out to be one of the best things I have ever bought) and biscuits and we ate meatballs. I also bought paint for my bedroom. We then went to see Looper, which I really enjoyed (and watched the second ep of Strictly, of course).

Spoiler )
Sunday morning kikishua helpfully drove me to Sainsbury’s so I could buy heavy things and not have to drag them home myself, and then in the afternoon I did the first coat of the purple in my bedroom (it is lovely, and I will post photos when it’s more even). After that I made 5 more cards (still on the Christmas cards), made dinner for last night (smoked salmon pasta) and lunch for today (smoked salmon pate) and watched Mock the Week, Casualty and 2 QIs. And then once I’d done all that, I watched Merlin.

Merlin spoilers )
I’m also working on various fics but it’s a bit piecemeal at the moment. I need to set aside some time just for that, really (hahahaha). Tonight I have some photos to post (Cornwall & other bits and pieces) and more cards to do and Monroe is on, woo!

Tonight for dinner I am planning on doing something with trout as I bought some thyme the other week (to go with my squid) and I’ve still got lots left. Yum. I have been thinking about this all day.
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I am super behind on recipes and photos (as well as the current stuff, I found the rest of my photos from Cornwall - I thought they were on the nearly-dead HD!), but they will have to wait until late tomorrow/Saturday morning as I am out tomorrow evening with delgaserasca. We are going to see Chicago where Raza Jaffrey will give us the old razzle dazzle, be still my beating heart.

The second episode of Line of Duty was amazing, and I really enjoyed the first episode of Blackout, which managed to do something different with a fairly traditional basic plotline. Sadly telling you anything about it would be a massive spoiler. I would recommend it though.

(both shows are currently on iplayer)

I have missed a week of Holby that I want to watch for canon reasons, so that is on iplayer desktop (I have had iplayer desktop problems recently – if anyone has a dl link to the Julius Caesar with Paterson Joseph etc that was on recently, could you let me know? I missed it and am v sad about that). This week’s Casualty was there briefly but has disappeared :/ I do not like being behind on Holby/Casualty.

I have downloaded the Richard II thing with skinny Ben Whishaw but have not watched it yet.

In other news, Dear and I watched Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows at the weekend and felt it was subpar and had way too much stuff onscreen that was supposed to look cool but didn’t go anywhere. Ah well.

Last night I watched The Guard, which I loved. Brendan Gleeson, Don Cheadle, Liam Cunningham and Mark Strong. Excellent, dark and funny. Mark Strong is ace.

I am still working on fics and getting closer to finishing some of the long AUs. And some of the shorter fics \o/ No promises on dates but I hope to post something before the end of the month. I made the mistake of getting some SOE books out of the library so maybe I will finally start work on that WW2 Spooks AU I’ve been thinking about forever.
At some point I intend to read and comment on Spooks fic because I know there is stuff about I haven’t read. Ditto Lewis (I still have to watch the last ep of that).

My Paralypmics tickets arrived the other day \o/ Exciting!!

Incidentally, I’m sure most of you know but just in case, Spooks has recently been recced on crack_van. I haven’t actually had a chance to go through the fics to see if I’ve read them (I’ve mostly been skimming my flist lately, I need to cut down on the comms), but they’re there if you’re interested.
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Okay so I’ve seen this twice now, and IT WAS AWESOME. BOTH TIMES. And because I’ve seen it twice, I can remember quite a few details. This isn't a review, and to be honest you've probably read/thought something like this yourself, heh...

Spoilers )

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