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Oh, I had such good intentions, people. I was going to post about flat stuff, I was going to post about X-Men and Edge of Tomorrow, I was going to post on Metropolithan. I was going to post actual content about stuff I've been doing recently. But no.

Earlier I was exercising and flipping through music channels as I usually do, and I saw this:

This is the new song from Psy ft. Snoop Dogg, which is the best Snoop Dogg collaboration since Signs with Justin Timberlake (here if you're unfamiliar: www.youtube.com/watch). 

The video matches well to the concept, which is to say it is quite bonkers. Here are the best bits:

1) Snoop Dogg sitting up in the bath right at the beginning

No Snoop Dogg:

Snoop Dogg!

2) shot glass dominoes!

3) Snoop Dogg's dancing

4) The boys go out for drinks and meet some ladies

5) The boys and their ladyfriends skipping down the road

...and A light up tambuorine that I could not get clearly in a screenshot. Excellent work, everyone. 

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As per usual, I'd do a mix of what I'd listened to this year but it would be 80% Depeche Mode, so instead here are some themed lists of songs I really, really love:

Songs that actually came out this year

2013 )
Songs by artists I saw live this year (yes, this includes some DM but I only saw three and a half* acts live this year)

Live acts )

Songs that weren't out this year but that I picked up from somewhere

other songs )
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So, as mentioned earlier, I got the new DM album yesterday and have now listened to most of it. There's some excellent stuff on there, although so far nothing with the immediate gut-punch of Wrong (which stood out from the first time I heard Sounds of the Universe), and I need a few more listens to work out which songs I'll have on heavy rotation.

In the meantime, here's a video playlist of my favourite DM song from each of their albums, just because:

Taking me where I want to be )...so there we have it. Hope you enjoyed? I certainly did, hahahaha. 

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Well I wasn’t going to do this, for the simple reason that every year sounds mostly the same to me: like a whole lot of Depeche Mode and then some other stuff. However, delgaserasca told me to anyway. However I do not have the time/patience to chase after all the sound files (especially as I don't have some of them) so the links here are videos on YT. 

I limited myself to four Depeche Mode songs in the end...

When you're around me I'm radioactive )
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Mar 29th - Apr 2nd

Top of the Shard
Egg Hunt egg from Selfridges (more of those at http://metropolithan.blogspot.com/ and more to come)
Sound sculpture in front of Canada Tower (called Aeolus - it's been travelling round the UK and was actually in Cornwall when Crishna and I went last year :D :D) - http://www.lukejerram.com/aeolus
Biscuit thing (I've forgotten what it was called, aaaaargh, was a lot like a florentine) that a colleague brought back from Turkey. Yes, those are petals. I'm weird and I like flower-flavoured things.
Dinner. Sometimes I just really like the food I cook. This was one of those times.

March 29th - April 2nd )

Rec: new music! BIGKids (latest thing from Mr Hudson)


Apr 3rd - 7th

Tiny graffiti in the toilets at Centrepoint
A little alley by Snow Hill Court
Selfridges at night
Massive elephant thing set piece from the Les Mis film (at Greenwich)
Pumpkin (youngest niece)

April 3rd - 7th )

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Current Will Young video, linked because it’s always worth watching a Will Young video:

Turn Me On by Nicki Minaj and David Guetta

Ok, look, I need to talk about this video. I understand that David Guetta is a creepy dude building artificial women and it’s all a bit steampunk, but I have feelings about the rest of it. And yes, I know I'm overanalysing a music video but clearly some thought went into this. Just not enough.  

1. How does Nicki’s skin stop being shiny?
2. Why is she the only steampunk robot mannequin who looks like an actual person? If it’s because she’s the pinnacle of his efforts why does he make another one? (possibly because she runs away)
3. Why is the complete storyline of the video not simply ‘David Guetta created Nicki Minaj but she’s an evil steampunk robot so she comes back for revenge WITH AN AXE’? Whyyyy?
4. Why does the creepy new mannequin (also quite human looking but not as good as Nicki) get down on her knees and kiss Metal David Guetta’s hand?
6. Have the naked mannequins at the end realised that Nicki is a better bet than Creepy Metal David Guetta, and is that why they’re running after her?
7. Why couldn’t they make this video MAKE SENSE? It’s so close to brilliant.

Ah well.

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