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So in this post (hestia8.dreamwidth.org/57756.html) I mentioned that I was having a particular ring made and now I HAVE IT AAAAAAAAAAH :D :D :D 

I first saw this ring just over five years ago at a craft show I went to with Crishna. I loved it but couldn't afford it at the time, so I did not buy it but unusually for me did not totally forget about it over the years, and occasionally checked back to look at it and sigh wistfully. I honestly could not be more excited about finally owning this ring. I spent the years in between presuming that actually I was never going to be able to justify the cost to myself when there were so many more practical things I could spend that much money on. And then, when I'd sold my flat, my manager suggested I get myself something I wouldn't normally buy. Something like expensive jewellery (she'd only been my manager for about three months at this point but I am pretty easy to read). And suddenly I remembered That Ring. That Ring I Had Tried On Five Years Before. 

The ring is made by Poppy Porter (www.poppyporter.co.uk). Like the other jewellery, this ring is made from anodised titanium and the decoration is some sort of photo inlay lacquered onto the titanium. I got it in purple with a satin finish, though depending on the light there are strong red and gold elements to the ring. It's comfortable to wear (have so far taken it to work twice) and gets in the way much less than you'd think. It is also, obviously, beautiful. 

And now for the photos!

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 So, one of the things I decided when I sold the flat was that it would finally be time to buy myself this piece of excellence:

It has since been ordered and is being made and will be with me in 6-8 weeks HELL YEAH. In the meantime, I ordered a couple of other pieces which arrived today and oh, they are beautiful.

I got the blue chrysanthemum cocktail ring and necklace, made in laser-cut titanium with electronically layered colours (!!!!). The necklace is also made with freshwater pearls and the centre piece of each flower is a large pearl. 


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 I have added all the jewellery I've made (bar one bracelet that needs fixing) to my DaWanda shop! YAY!

Shop with all jewellery and cards is here, if you are interested: http://en.dawanda.com/shop/hanlondon and if anyone feels like sending the link on to friends or whatever, that would be very much appreciated. :D

I would go off and have a rest now (I've spent all day working through 20 postings) but I have to update the links on my tumblr. /o\ 

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Many, many months after Notables #1, here is a post full of links for bespoke jewellery/decorative stuff designers. Most from shows I have been to with Crishna, but not all. 

(Pictures relate to the names above them, I won't post photos from every site or this post will be huuuuuge)


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Not Jewellery

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This is going to be an occasional series of links to things. Basically as I go around town to stuff I pick up cards and leaflets like you wouldn't believe, and then I mean to post about them and I usually don't. So from now on I am going to try to post a bunch of things together every so often.

Jewellery from emilykidson.com/

Lesley Middleton (flower paintings, sadly can't find an online gallery) www.havelockwalk.com/#/lesley-middleton/4536352242

Liz Atkin art lizatkin.com/#

Lovely bath stuff in funky shapes (only on FB, they don't have a website): www.facebook.com/bubblylicious1

Philippa Tunstill art: philippatunstill.com/

Amanda Sutherland bridal accessories and fascinators (so gorgeous): amandasutherland.co.uk/


John Bartlett's London Sublime, current special exhibition at the Guildhall Art Gallery: www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/things-to-do/visiting-the-city/attractions-museums-and-galleries/guildhall-art-gallery-and-roman-amphitheatre/Pages/Exhibitions.aspx

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Basically this is just showing off the cool stuff I got. Weirdly this year I only got two rings, one bracelet and one necklace/earrings set, which is a big drop from usual! Although mostly this was because I'd asked for stuff for the bedroom. 

NB following on from last year, new user icon from one of my presents :D

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Second attempt at posting this...

Have decided to attempt a photo-of-the-day thing for 2012. Sometimes two photos, if I feel like taking (more) pictures of my jewellery.

First two pictures: Christmas decorations and a brooch [livejournal.com profile] kikishua got me for my birthday

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