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I thought I had an entry drafted somewhere but nvm. I have been away (Hastings as usual) but now am hoooooome. So, a few things: 

1) I have moved in
2) It is PERFECTION. I love it here, so so much. 
3) I have lost my camera battery charger so no photos yet, though I have borrowed a camera so possibly photos at weekend
4) New bed is excellent, new sofas also excellent
5) Bathroom is amazing
6) Me/solitude = OTP (to put it in slightly more words, I really really really like being on my own)
7) Still no nickname. What rhymes with maisonette?

More at the weekend, probably. Hope you are all ok!
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Just a quick message for anyone who might need to know - I am moving out of my flat next Weds and from then on will be at my parents' until I find a new place (I am looking but nothing that's caught my eye so far).

It's still all slightly tedious but I am finally a) getting through the work and b) getting to the exciting part. Having spent the last five days being very, very ill, I am looking forward to having a bit of a rest when I get to my parents'. 

I have looked at a few places but nothing that's particularly caught my eye so far...

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