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 Catching up! Although I have realised I haven't done an update about Hastings yet (there is a half-written entry waiting to be finished/posted), and I need to ramble about the Paralympics (on Friday - I've got two more sessions to come). 


Paralympics banner
Wool (from when I learned to knit)
Sculpture thing by Lincoln's Inn Fields
Art installation at University of the Arts Gallery (it's called A Thousand Years, but it's gone now)
Mojito ice lollies (I've talked about them before) in moulds before they went in the freezer
Sparkler and a cupcake (this was my Dad's birthday)
A giant bone in EC1 (this whole area had a lot of strange arty things)
A sticker saying 'Kind Regards' with a picture of a butterfly
An escalator (I have no idea where)
Artwork outside The London Clinic in Devonshire Place

July 11th - 20th )

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 Beginning of July...

Sculpture thing in a park in Leicester
Two photos (one in front and one behind) of a sequin Union Jack hanging in Carnaby Street
A Herman mixture (made a very nice cake)
Palestra House, near Southwark Tube
Lesley's Union Flag bunting and baskets (yet more red, white and blue)
Rainy train window
Less than half (!!) of my uncle's DVD collection
Knitted wool creatures on top of a knitted wool phonebox :D
Phonebox reflected on the pavement (because it was raining so much)

July 1st - 10th )

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 Last chunk of June in this post :)

Flags outside the Savoy
Salvation Army building in Rochester Row (I think)
Hatcham Liberal Club building in New Cross 
My hanging basket (put together by Lesley, I just enjoy it, hahaha)
The grounds of one of our typesetters' offices (!!!!!!)
Painting thing near the office somewhere (I can never find this intentionally even though it's close)
Big red ball on the footbridge near Charing Cross (http://redballproject.com/)
Big red ball in Covent Garden
Pudding with a bunny at the pet shop

Jun 21st - 30th )

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Blue flower
Wall painting near the Phoenix Garden by Stik (I posted another one earlier on from East Dulwich)
Part of a giant cloth tree thing on Southbank (I love this thing, seriously, I've got loads of photos of it)
A giant crown made of flowers
Jeanette Winterson books 
Bee on flower (I have NO idea where I took this)
Swarovski hedgehog and other animals 
Blue building in SE1 
Chocolate flowers from Daskalidès (http://www.daskalides.co.uk/)
Phonebox art thing (there's a two-headed dragon holding up the second box, which I am telling you because it took me ages to work out)

Jun 11th - 20th )
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More photos! You can tell from Jun 1 - 5 that a) it was the Jubilee and b) I was staying with friends with children, hahaha. 
Queen and corgi toy
Union Jack sunglasses
Giraffe toy
Red arrows flying over
Union Jack bunting
Dried-out bush (I liked the way the branches looked)
Wellington Arch
Evening clouds
View from the bank of the Thames Jun 1 - 10 )

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I am currently having some unexpected downtime away from my flat (and all my stuff), so thought I might as well get round to posting some of my photos of the day as I am suuuuuuuper behind. 

Penguin statue
Detail on a fountain (I think near Lincoln's Inn Fields)
Letter blocks up at Southbank (they kept changing them so they made different words)
Giant nutella jars at My Old Dutch
Union Jack ribbon window display
A Tiffany ring (!!!) one of my colleagues bought
Kinder Joy (whhhhhhy don't we have these over here??)
Red, white and blue flower arrangement
St Paul's Cathedral reflected in some odd mirror thing
A moth failing at camouflage

May 20th - 31st )
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Big post:

Squirrel on a bin just outside my building
Illustration in East Dulwich by street artist Stik
Parents' garden
Shot across the Thames including the Gherkin
Close up of a pineapple
One of Lesley's fake designer purses (er, possibly this is mine, I can't remember and should probably check at home)
Water running down outside my flat when one of the main pipes to the water tank on the roof was broken (my building had no running water for a WEEK)
ALL OF THE CRANES (near Liverpool St)
Lego crocodile

Stik: londonist.com/2012/05/interview-street-artist-stik.php

May 10th - 19th )
Last post for now as I am off out this afternoon and I don't want to spam people's flists. I'll post more later :)
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Stencilled 'PRIVATE' on a post (I was in a font type of mood, I think this was during one of my 'madly downloading fonts' phases)
Periodic table artwork near my flat (this seems to change every year or so - I need to get some more photos)
Homemade seashell chocolate halves (I filled them with marzipan)
Also homemade peanut butter cups
Necklace in a Jewellery shop in Covent Garden which is called... *pause for me to look it up* ...Satya (they 'celebrate the adventures of lives lived fearlessly', apparently)
Roof window...somewhere (the trouble with having a gap in between taking and posting these things is that I forget where the heck I've been...)

Ah, hang on, the roof window might well be Finsbury Pizza Express where I went with L from work after we saw Avengers. HA!

Incidentally, recipe for peanut butter cups as everyone loves them (from a UK site):

325g milk chocolate (dark and white also work well)
260g smooth peanut butter
1/4 tsp salt
60g icing sugar

(NB I have seen US recipes advising the same amount of sugar as PB which I always find too sweet - I usually go for a quater - a third of the weight of PB)

Mix sugar, PB and salt in a bowl and put in the fridge for about half an hour - this isn't essential but will make it easier to handle.

Melt some of the chocolate in a glass bowl on top of a saucepan (with simmering water). Spread chocolate in to cups (I get cheap silicone ones from the pound shop), put in fridge to set.

When chocolate is set, take PB and split into small amounts to put in chocolate cups. Obviously you can decide for yourself what PB-to-chocolate ratio you want ;). Put back in fridge.

Melt more of the chocolate as the lid to the cup and pour on top. Put back in the fridge to set.

A lot of this recipe is trial and error and personal preference. I usually try to have some spare chocolate around (and I usually get the 30p bars from Aldi as it doesn't need to be high-class!) in case I use more than I originally intended (this happens every time).

Gosh I wish I had some right now.

May 4th - 9th )
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Oh goodness me I am so behind on this :/

So two months or so of photos coming up...

Bunting I made for Lesley (there was loads more than this)
Flowers at the parents'
Birds at Green Park (I'll be honest, I've had a look online and I can't actually figure out what bird this is - some kind of duck? I have a book at home, I'll check later)
Tile with a face
Purple flower (I take SO MANY pictures of flowers)
Milka Löffel-Ei (awesome chocolate from Germany)
April 28th - May 3rd )
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Apr 18th - 22nd

Parents' swish new Auris
Peanut butter cookies
Lesley's Dad's 90th birthday cake (mmmm, cake)
Street in Steyning with mostly Tudor buildings

April 18th - 22nd )
Rec: am currently watching a repeat of Silent Witness, but it is a rather good one, if a bit silly (Harry goes off to Hungary and his gf gets killed, which is the start of Harry's Epic Sadness about not having a family, and then a bunch of exciting running and shooting etc happens). So if you're bored you could watch that. 

And here's the short ramble I got into before I realised it was a repeat, lol:

  1. “What is it, have you shagged everyone in London?” “Not quite.”
  2. Well, this is already more enjoyable than last week’s.
  3. “Simon’s my hairdresser, he’ll take ten years off you.”
  4. HAAAAAAAANG ON. This is a repeat, right?
  5. Well that explains why it’s better
  7. Oh gosh he’s so charming.
  8. I presume I rambled about this last year so I'll stop now.
  9. OH GOSH HARRY (ok, really stopping NOW)
Apr 23rd - 27th 

Formula 1 car suspended in Woking shopping centre
New buildings near the Tate (Holland St, I think)
Three cats staring. They were watching another cat, lol. 
View up in the centre of a building (I think I was in a kind of courtyard). I could find it again but clearly failed to note the address, sigh. 
Some weird kind of decoration on a wall. Or in, I suppose. 

April 23rd - 27th )
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Apr 8th - 12th 

Pudding (older niece) on a swing
And in a pretty dress
View from the flat
Some very, very creepy statue things (I don't care if it's art, they freak me out)
Underground roundel from the back (one of our meeting venues is above Holborn tube station)

April 8th to 12th )

Rec: Seven Bowie Songs by feverbeats, a short Luther fic that manages to get it so so right in very few words. 


Apr 13th - 17th

Grass and flowers outside my building, when it was all bright and nice
The roof of the British Museum (from, you guessed it, Centrepoint)
An interestingly decorated house (I say decorated, it's sort of been sacrificed to plants from the look of it)
Sweets! Which OMG I wish I had right now, but I've eaten them all. 
April 13th - 17th )
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Mar 29th - Apr 2nd

Top of the Shard
Egg Hunt egg from Selfridges (more of those at http://metropolithan.blogspot.com/ and more to come)
Sound sculpture in front of Canada Tower (called Aeolus - it's been travelling round the UK and was actually in Cornwall when Crishna and I went last year :D :D) - http://www.lukejerram.com/aeolus
Biscuit thing (I've forgotten what it was called, aaaaargh, was a lot like a florentine) that a colleague brought back from Turkey. Yes, those are petals. I'm weird and I like flower-flavoured things.
Dinner. Sometimes I just really like the food I cook. This was one of those times.

March 29th - April 2nd )

Rec: new music! BIGKids (latest thing from Mr Hudson)


Apr 3rd - 7th

Tiny graffiti in the toilets at Centrepoint
A little alley by Snow Hill Court
Selfridges at night
Massive elephant thing set piece from the Les Mis film (at Greenwich)
Pumpkin (youngest niece)

April 3rd - 7th )

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Mar 18th - 22nd

View inside Alt St Alban, Cologne
View of the lake at Bruhl
View of the Rhein at Dusseldorf
Roman stone from the Praetorium
A new ring (sadly can't remember if this was from Germany or not - Crishna???) 

Mar 18th - 22nd )

Rec: Series 4 of Horrible Histories

This is probably something everyone knows about already, but the new series is on iPlayer at the moment (http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01h9bk6/Horrible_Histories_Series_4_Episode_8/ and you can work through the rest), and it is as funny as ever. Also includes some guest stars (the League of Gentlemen, Chris Addison) and excellent songs.

The Horrible Histories Henry the Eighth is the best.

March 24th - 28th

No picture for March 23rd because I accidentally gave myself food poisoning on the 22nd and spent the 23rd feeling like death.

A fricking big bee at my parents' (next to a metal decorative elephant thing)
Ching Court near Covent Garden (found by accident one afternoon)
Admiralty Arch
Salt and pepper squid (YUM)
Monument. I have never been up Monument, something which gets more ridiculous every time I walk past it. Must go when the weather improves and the skies are clear. 

Mar 24th - 28th )

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March 8th - 12th

Restaurant dessert (it was yum)
View from Centrepoint down into the Crossrail site
The name stamp that is now on allll my cards
Gates at Green Park in the evening
Buildings on Holborn Viaduct

Mar 8th - 12th )
Book rec: Alison Hewitt is Trapped, by Madeline Roux. A zombie novel in the format of blog entries, which is an idea so good I'm sick I didn't think of it (don't be surprised if I end up doing it in a fanfic one day).

It's a really engaging book - Alison herself is an easily relatable character, resourceful without being unrealistically badass, The blog format works surprisingly well, and allows for a few other voices besides the main characters without letting them get tiresome. I really enjoyed everything about it, basically. 

There's a second book in the series - Sadie Walker is Stranded - that has just come out. I'm looking forward to it!

March 13th - 17th 

Lion drinking fountain (no longer in use) 
A very very cold Coke Zero can (people keep mucking with the temperature control in our work fridge)
A charity dog model thing in One New Change (part of the SANE Black Dog campaign -  http://www.sane.org.uk/what_we_do/black_dog/
Chairs and tables in Covent Garden in the morning 
Posts outside Brussels Midi (on the way to Germany)

Mar 13th - 17th )
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 Sorry in advance for the spamming of your flists. I've got loads to go through so I'll do ten per post instead of five and I'll try to rec at least one thing in each post...

Feb 27th - March 2nd

Fountain in Trafalgar Square in the evening
One of my Cow Parade cows :) (used as header for  http://metropolithan.blogspot.co.uk/ )
Red velvet cookies
Tower of St Martin-in-the-Fields, near Charing Cross
A very foggy morning outside my flat

Feb 27 - Mar 2 )

Rec: two Hunger Games AUs (the second is a remix of the first)

NB: I've not actually read the Hunger Games yet, but I have seen the movie (and I know most of the plot points), and I really liked what these fics did with the story.

Life After Survival (the original)
That Certain Look a Victor Has (the remix)

Mar 3rd - 7th

Tower Bridge at night
New owl ring!
Graffiti in dusty windows (this was somewhere near work but can't remember exactly where)
Annoyingly blurred picture of a sign 
A wooden table outside which has seen better days...
Mar 3rd - 7th )
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 Feb 22 - 26

Sign on the Church of Scotland near Covent Garden
Two magpies on a sign
Pub sign for the Lamb and Flag (guess where...)
View across Finsbury Avenue Square with another egg 
Insect on a window (not sure what kind of insect but it was teeny!)

Pictures )

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China Mieville writes about London, and I want to read Kraken all over again: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/04/magazine/china-mieville-london.html?pagewanted=1&_r=2

17 - 21 Feb

Building designed to look as if a giant bug is crawling down the outside (why would you do that??)
Ivy leaf taken at night
Close up of a (new) card
Close up of one of my plants (I got this from a plant sale at the hairdresser's near my work a couple of years ago and it has really thrived in my living room)
The first Egg Hunt egg that I saw :D 

I have since taken a bunch more pictures of the Egg Hunt eggs, which I have been posting on my new and currently messy London photo blog, which is here:   http://metropolithan.blogspot.com/search/label/eggs I will do proper links and stuff when there's more content :)

Pictures )

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 I swear, there will be some fannish content soon. HONEST. 

Feb 12 - 16

Newest keyring (acrylic)
Detail on decoration above a door on Henrietta Street
Some big metal art thing near St Paul's (it was just off Warwick Lane, and I can see it on Google Maps but can't find out anything about it...why is so much street art just placed with no information??), filtered to black and white
A building reflected in another building on Holborn (yes, I spend a lot of time on Holborn, I know...)
Aaaaaand finally, the watch that the parents got me in America. 

I think I need to stop walking towards London Bridge via St Paul's so often, I've taken so many photos that way. I'll have to try taking a longer route to Charing Cross or something. 

Bonus pic outside the cut: green elephant at Serjeant's Inn. No idea what it's doing there, who made it, why etc etc. Just...a green elephant.  

other pics )

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 7 - 11 Feb

Night view from my flat, with a very bright moon and the exciting stairwell ;)
Some interesting brickwork and stonework on one of the big buildings on Holborn
A sticker saying 'Meet me in winter' stuck on the shiny shiny blue brickwork on the Aspinall shop
Snooooooow on some tropical plants (poor plants, although these do look quite hardy) in a garden near the flat
Part of the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich (I think)

pictures )
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 In this post:

Street in Tunbridge Wells near the Pantiles (ahem), Southwark Cathedral at night, my glass butterfly sun catcher that Crishna made, SUSHEH (sadly I ate two pieces before taking the picture, haha), my parents' ridiculous bamboo with an extra bit of snow, and a building on Betterton St (I think). It looks abandoned but when I went round to the next street all the buildings were in use so I couldn't quite work out which was the front... need to go back to work it out, I think. 

I'm quite pleased with how it's going so far, although I think you should all be impressed that every fifth picture doesn't feature the Shard in some way...

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