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Oh. My. God, everyone, it was basically exactly what you'd want from a Spooks movie. It was RIDICULOUS. It was AMAZING. There were fights. A whooooole bunch of people got shot. People get questioned A LOT. Things went boom. London (love of my life) looked fantastic.


Also now I've linked to this on [livejournal.com profile] spooky_doings I feel obliged to say: 1) this is overexcited word vomit, not a sensible review and 2) I have a terrible memory and have probably got stuff in the wrong order/forgotten things. 

In conclusion: go see it, but go see it expecting a very long episode.

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I have a couple of weeks off work for craft stuff (yes, this is what I choose to do with my holidays, NO REGRETS) and decided I would take at least one day to comment on fics. That day is today because my hands hurt after spending all yesterday on hairpin lace (I am blogging about my craft stuff at my new FB page here: www.facebook.com/HanlondonCrafts)

And because I like reccing stuff, here are some recs from the fics I have commented on today:


Liminality by shecrows
Aramis/Porthos/Aramis, pre-series

Really lovely OT3 fic

The sunlight tells him Porthos has already risen, shutters long since opened out of a habit Aramis has never quite decided whether he loves or finds regrettable.

In quella parte del libro della mia memoria by cherryfeather

Aramis tries to keep his vow after the end of series 2. This is AMAZING and did a really good job making me feel for Aramis.

Pas de Quatre by zelda_zee
Eventual Aramis/Porthos/Athos/D'artagnan

Lovely fic that develops slowly towards OT4

Aramis looks at him sideways, arching a brow. “There is nothing Porthos and I can do for him. We do not have that power.” He studies Athos a moment, stroking his beard, then sighs in apparent frustration.

“You and Porthos do not?” d’Artagnan asks. “What do you mean by that?”

But Three's a Crowd by stardropdream
Aramis/Porthos progressing to Aramis/Athos/Porthos, modern au

“Not dancing?” Porthos teases and his smile lights up his face.

“No, thank you,” Athos says, quiet but quick, just in case Porthos gets the idea to ask him himself. Porthos shrugs and downs his little flute of champagne in a way that probably shouldn’t be charming – but then Porthos manages to be charming in most things.

They come crashing down by stardropdream
Aramis/Porthos, post s2

This fic just about killed me but then made it better, thank goodness

(He can remember the morning after Aramis leaves – the day warm but dulled, early autumn, the leaves turning and the cracks in the walls around his window letting in cooler morning air before the sun warms it; he remembers dressing for the day and realizing just how much of Aramis’ things had managed to migrate into his room without him fully realizing it, over the years. He touches at the blue sash he’ll wear to d’Artagnan’s wedding and he clamps down on the urge to long for something – for someone.)

You're Not Alone by misanthropiclycanthrope
Athos & Porthos gen

This fic is tagged emotional hurt/comfort which is really the best description of it - it is lovely.

It made Porthos’s heart ache.

If the most he could do was ensure Athos made it home safely, he would do it gladly and without complaint. The resistance he encountered at first was not unexpected, but Porthos was nothing if not stubborn. Athos had no choice but to surrender and accept the resolute support.

Musketeers Series 2 - Athos/Porthos-centric Episode Related Fics by Suzie_Shooter

I have loved Suzie_Shooter's fics since s1 and this whole series was great. The episode 10 fic was a fitting ending, considering the events of the episode.

His hand drifted to the pommel of his sword. He remembered Athos' only half-joking suggestion of arranging 'an accident on the road' for Rochefort. Something similar would surely be appropriate here. He could claim she'd drawn her pistol, that he'd acted in defence of the King.

The thought lingered throughout the wearying hours of the journey back, a half-formed intent that never quite became action. Porthos was not a man to strike down a woman in cold blood, but as far as he was concerned, this was no woman but rather a snake in the bosom.

Rivers of London

That What Brought Him Back by linpatootie
Peter/OMC, tentacles

Peter finds out what's behind the door in the Folly - love this, funny and actually pretty plausible (presuming the door thing has not been answered, I'm only 5 chapters into Foxglove Summer).

Nightingale had expressly forbidden him to, but what was a young constable to do when faced with a mysterious door and a mentor who had, so far, refused to tell him what was behind it?

Fast and Furious series

Generally Psychotic Behaviour by khaleesian
Dom/Brian, breathplay

This is an old fic and I had a vague memory of reading it after seeing the first film, so I went looking after seeing Fast and Furious 7. It is a pretty short fic that still manages to show just how much Dom takes over Brian's life.

“That was weird, huh?” Brian cursed himself for that weak opening. “That whole scene back there.”

Penny Dreadful

L'enfer, ce n'est pas les autres by cjmarlowe

This is a short fic but both of their voices are great (also yay new series soon!!)

For it's because the knives glance off him that Dorian is able to cut everyone else so deeply, and that's not something Ethan could live with forever.

Music video/RPF but not really

Mean Low Water by pyrimidine
Brandon/Charlize (Crossfire video)

The Crossfire video is here www.youtube.com/watch, and I recommend you watch it because a) the song is great and b) the fic won't make any sense without the video. The fic is great.

"You?" she yells over the sound of the generator exploding. There's a bright flash of orange and a confetti of sparks raining down everywhere.

"I know, right?" he yells back. "I'm really sorry."

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Over the weekend I dragged my sister to see Fast and Furious 7 with me (to answer the questions everyone has asked: no, I don’t care about cars, but I love action movies, all the films from this series I have seen are super fun, and I haven’t seen Jason Statham on the big screen for a while).

IT WAS EXCELLENT. And ridiculous. But excellent. Highly recommended.

VERY SPOILERY Thoughts, in no particular order:

So many spoilers within )
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I thought it might be a good idea to post links to some crochet patterns I've used since learning to crochet, as I started as a total beginner and have since managed to teach two other people (more to come hopefully) so I have a good idea of what to rec.

A few times I've failed to take a photo of something and only realised once I've given it away, so some of these are just links.

toys )

I have also made three blankets on a granny square theme, but as one of them was a granny rectangle here is a link to the pattern anyway:

blankets )

I actually did not realise I had made this many things. Go me, frankly :D.

ETA: am idiot, forgot to mention the excellent www.planetjune.com/shop/ where you can buy many animal crochet patterns including DINOSAURS. So I bought some patterns and have so far made these: 


Worth spending the money :)

(I also have some little bunny patterns from this site I want to make at some point soon)

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This is so niche - even more so than my London stuff - but I am currently on holiday in Eastbourne with [livejournal.com profile] kikishua and have been to some fab restaurants (have also cooked some nice food too but I cook nice stuff all the time). So in case you ever find yourself on the south coast of England, here are some restaurant recommendations:

The Cavendish Hotel, Eastbourne ( http://www.cavendishhotel.co.uk/)

What I ate: seafood platter - amazing grilled salmon, smoked salmon, green lipped mussels, prawns, scallops in ham, salad, potato salad. I know this one was good because [livejournal.com profile] kikishua tried some stuff and liked it and she doesn't even like fish. 

Baltica, Lewes (www.baltictrader.co.uk/)

What I ate: Leek and Potato soup and Fasolka Po Bretonsku, a dish so good I wrote down the name so I could look up the recipe later on. Butter beans, bacon, Polish sausage, tomato. I plan to add this one to my stock dishes. 

As an excellent bonus, the cafe is attached to a pottery shop with some lovely lovely stuff. I got a lemon squeezer, a little plate and a decorative candle house thing (I will take a photo at some point). 

Chaula's, Brighton (www.chaulas.co.uk/)

What I ate: Lunch menu (two curries, rice, chappati, snack << their words, it was a samosa, chutney)

This was lovely. We got to Brighton for around 2.15, which is firmly into 'oh my God I need to eat something' time, and this restaurant was just outside the car park. The waiter did attempt to ask me what I wanted but I was basically at the point of going FOOD. I WOULD LIKE FOOD. 

I ordered the small lunch menu and got a chicken curry, a lentil curry (which was yum), a samosa, some really nice chutney and a chappati. It was very good and stopped me from falling over with a massive headache for the rest of the afternoon, and was very reasonably priced (£7). 

The Belgian Cafe, Eastbourne (www.thebelgiancafe.co.uk/)

What I ate: All you can eat mussels (NB they may not have been prepared for how many mussels I can eat). 

So The Belgian Cafe does mussels, as all good Belgian restaurants do, and they have an offer on Wednesdays where you can pay £13.95 to eat as many types of mussel dish as you want (same type of mussels, different sauces). I went this evening and I had the following: thai green curry, herbs, lemon, capers (unexpectedly gorgeous), lobster bisque, teriyaki, seafood pot, paella. Oh and it came with amazing fries and bread. 

Yes that is six sauces. They weren't full dishes - I'd say they were maybe around a quarter or a third of a normal dish - which is just as well, as even I would struggle to eat more than two. I had a fantastic time continually requesting more, and the rest of the menu looks pretty amazing as well. 

I was not actually expecting to have this many fantastic meals on this holiday (I usually save the foodie stuff for when I am in Europe) but it has been amazing so far. I am probably done with restaurants for this week but if I do go anywhere in the next few days I will update this post :D

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This post has taken me ages and is ridiculously long. However it is for a really really good reason.

More Musketeers fic recs for a few reasons:
  • the show ate my brain and continues to do so even though it’s finished (whhhhhy did filming have to start so soon? I was looking forward to not being obsessed)
  • the fic is really good
  • I told delgaserasca I’d do some het/gen/AU fic recs
Unfortunately it then turned out that I had too many recs that could cross those categories so this is just a massive list, sorry not sorry.

Fics are organised by author name and I have tried to mark whether they’re gen/het/slash/AU/wip, though this list is so long now I’ve probably got something wrong. Any errors in labelling are mine, obviously.

Devouring Time and Chageful Chance by akathecentimetre and JakartaInn (mostly gen with implied slash/het, AU)

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy AU. Would have liked this to have been longer, it’s great :D

His Smile Me Draws, His Frown Drives Me Away ch 9 by akathecentimetre (gen)

Cute prompt fill about Treville and Anne (title has nothing to do with content, it seems to be the series title). I don’t want to say anything else, haha!

Turn and Turn Again by AndreaLyn (slash, chapters at time of posting: 7/?)

I am LOVING this modern reincarnation AU. Loving every bit of it.

A night in London by Ariana (het)

Short Athos/Milady post s1

Complementary by breathtaken (het)

Athos/Milady d/s pegging fic, yay

Silk, Velvet, Feathers, Furs by breathtaken (het)

Hot Aramis/Athos/Ninon fic (alternate scene for 107)

At Her Own Hand by breathtaken (het)

Aramis/Constance (sort of)

I know the weight of your throat by cartographies (slash)

The summary for this fic ‘Porthos beats Aramis up, beats him up again, sex.’

And such is the torment (of giving your organs) by cartographies (het)

Featuring an Anne who knows what she’s doing (and how risky it is) and knows what she wants.

every time i see your face by cherryfeather (het, slash)

Incredibly hot D’artagnan/Constance fic. The second part (OT5, hello) has now been posted and is just as good

Let your bones show by cherryfeather (slash)

Very hot and hopeful (sounds odd I know) OT3 fic

Unus Pro Omnibus, Omnes Pro Uno by cherryfeather (AU, WIP, het, slash, chapters at time of posting 6/?)

Slightly odd modern uni AU (possibly because I actually know bugger all about fencing so all that stuff goes right over my head) but getting nicely involved and emotional as it goes on.

Balizarde by Cunien (gen)

Porthos-centric gen, I really liked this fic’s characterisation

Call it your day number one by evewithanapple (femslash)

Really good coming out fic featuring Fleur from 108

all you’ve been allowed by evewithanapple (het)

Bonacieux/Constance, TW for emotional abuse, depressingly plausible but with a hopeful ending at least

(Un)Fulfilled by Evening_Bat (slash)

Aramis/Porthos. Pining.

Of Peaches and Feathers by FeatheredShadow (het)

A really interesting look at a few months in the life of the queen (before 109)

A Dangerous Liaison/A Dangerous Game by Fredbassett (slash)

Athos/Treville fic, not a pairing I’d thought of before reading but I really like these fics

Cold and Closed by FunkyInFishnet (het)

I really like Aramis in this fic

As Good As A Rest by FunkyInFishnet (het)

Interesting look at Alice Clerbeaux after 108

Stay Awake With Me ( You Know I Can't Just Let You Be) by glowcult (het)

Angsty Athos/Milady

Thou Like Adamant by icarus_chained (slash)

Porthos/Aramis (just) after 103

I Pay It Gladly by Jevvica (gen, wip, chapters at time of posting: 3/?)

Really intriguing gen mission fic with an interesting OFC - really looking forward to seeing where this goes (NB have only read chapter 1, so yay, two new chapters for me!).
One Breath by Kerosene (het)

D’artagnan/Constance porn after episode 7

Heal by Degrees by lynndrye (gen)

I know it’s not a surprise that this is a really good fandom for h/c, but this is a really good fandom for h/c. In this fic, Athos and Porthos have to patch each other up without Aramis.

To catch your eyes by Mackem (slash)

Aramis pining. I keep hoping there will be another part to this where he actually says something but it’s not happened yet (although this really applies to any pining fic in this fandom, I just want it to have a happy ending!).

in love with your careless moments by magisterquitum (het)

Anne/Aramis expanding on 109

No strings to bind your hand by Magnetism_bind (het)

Brief Athos/Ninon piece with nice character work

At the end of it all series by Mithlomi (het)
Home archiveofourown.org/works/1292599 
A Very Fine Hat archiveofourown.org/works/1307917 
Gifts archiveofourown.org/works/1356679

Fluffy D’artagnan/Constance series, I really like the third one (and only realised today that they’re a series, hahaha)

Cutting a Dash by mnemosyne (gen)

D’artagnan is a tactile drunk. Light gen fic.

The language of half-lidded eyes by Ponderosa (slash)

Weirdly there is barely any Athos/Aramis fic to speak of (outside of OT3/OT4), but I thought this one was good

For Want Of A Needle by pristineungift (slash, AU)

As mentioned elsewhere, there’s not much proper angst in this fandom, but here is an AU ending for 103. Super pleased it’s just an AU, that’s all I’m saying.

Forged Bonds by Red_Tigress (gen)

This is an excellent long gen fic about the long road to Porthos becoming a Musketeer. It’s really well-paced and a very satisfying read.

I Dream Of The Court by Red_Tigress (gen)

Porthos angst. Reading this made me realise how little pure angst there is in this fandom, and also that I’d quite like some more. 

About Grace by romancandles (slash)

Although this is Aramis/Porthos it’s not really the focus of the fic. It’s more about Porthos being a Musketeer.

And All Is Well by schweinsty (gen)

D’artagnan h/c after episode 1

Actus Contritionis by schweinsty (gen)

Angsty Athos gen, very in character

An Anatomy Of The Human Heart by spycandy (het, chapters at time of posting: 3/4)

Really enjoyable Athos/Ninon fic post series 1

(ETA: complete now and really good!!)

Before the Night Will End by stardropdream (slash)

More Aramis/Porthos post 103. I really like the way this fic looks at their relatioship.

Due Punishment by Suzie_Shooter (slash)

Excellent, long, satisfying h/c fic leading into OT4

Captive Audience by Suzie_Shooter (gen)

Gen featuring Athos and the Mother Superior from 109

Subtext by Suzie_Shooter (slash)

Excellent Porthos/Athos fic, one of my favourites

Starts With Goodbye by sweetrupturedlight (het, chapters at time of posting: 3/5)

More post series fallout from the queen’s pregnancy. I really like the Athos and Aramis interaction in this one.

We sleepy children series by whiplash (slash)
archiveofourown.org/works/1227889 (link to part 1, smooth our thoughts from our brow)

A very slow burn leading to OT3 (not sure if the series is finished, three parts so far)

(not quite) a walk in the park by whiplash (slash)

Another fic based on the same prompt as Heal by Degrees - Athos and Porthos have to patch each other up without Aramis there

Kink Meme Fill #9 by whiplash (gen, au)

Far too short fic in which Porthos is basically Sherlock Holmes

Kink Meme Fill #11 by whiplash (gen)

I read this last night and absolutely adored it. Short fic prompted by the idea of them all living together as per the most recent Musketeers film (which, btw, I watched recently and it was GREAT)

A Rebellious Woman by theworthofhollin (au, wip, chapters at time of posting: 7/?)

D’artagnan is a girl in disguise! Gosh I love this trope, and am enjoying this fic very much.

Never Quite Eden series (currently includes A Mermaid Has No Tears and Off the Edge of the Map) by writteninhaste (au)

Thematically linked fics best described as magical creature AUs - both stories are complete at the moment but I hope there might be more. Not an AU I’d been thinking about but a different take on things and worth a read.

...And now I need to go and comment on these fics!
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So, The Musketeers (BBC version) is great. I presume you’re all watching it but if not, it’s really worth it :D. There's lots of fighting and some really, really attractive men (yes, yes, there's plenty of other things to recommend it, but I'm currently separated from my Transporter/District 13 DVDs, give me a break). There’s no new episode this week thanks to the BAFTAs (damn you, BAFTAs!) so you’ve got time to a) catch up and/or b) read fic.

I myself am currently rewatching episode 1 while writing this post. Excellent choice of activities for the evening.

I actually managed to last about three episodes before going looking for fic, which is quite a long time for me. For a small fandom it’s steadily growing and already contains some really good stuff. This is the stuff I’ve enjoyed so far.

Sewn by Stardropdream


This is my favourite fic in the fandom so far. It’s a lovely look at Aramis and Porthos post 103, hot but with some nice character work.

He kisses him, distracting, one hand sliding down over Porthos’ naked chest, his sentiment meaning he must trace over every scar he encounters, and his other hand resting on his shoulder, to keep him down – the touch light so as not to hurt him.

One of Us by breathtaken


Foursome fic. Basically Aramis wants to seduce D’Artagnan and convinces the others it’s a good idea (there’s now a second part of this I haven’t read yet).

"And where am I going to get good wine from in a day and a half?" Aramis affects annoyance, but Porthos can see his eyes are suddenly alive. He’s long observed that for Aramis, the risk inherent in such a liaison actually enhances the pleasure, which for Porthos doesn’t really bear thinking about. "Like he would know the difference anyway."

Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa by chaletian


Short Athos gen.

There is almost some poetic justice in being so judged. He can embrace it. Perhaps in this his earlier guilt will be expiated.

Prodigal Son by Suzie_Shooter


Fun gen fic

"Go home, D'Artagnan," Athos said coldly. "And stay there."

Not trusting himself to speak, D'Artagnan turned his back on them, mounted his horse and spurred it on, clattering out of the courtyard in silent fury and humiliation.

There was a pause.

"That was harsh," Porthos said, giving Athos a look that was half rebuke and half puzzlement.

"If a few hard words put him off, he's got no business being here in the first place," Athos said blandly.

My Brother’s Keeper/My Keeper’s Brother by sinistrocular

Gen fics about what the aftermath of Savoy, set directly after.



“He’s lucky to be alive.” Athos sat down on Aramis’s other side once again, neatly redressing the ghastly wound they both blamed for their friend’s stupor.

What they didn’t expect was the snort of air Aramis blew out of his nostrils. It seemed almost like it was meant to be a laugh if he’d had energy enough to do so.

Secrets and Skirmishes by dreamlittleyo


Athos/D’Artagnan with a good Athos voice

Tomorrow he will remember to be appalled with himself. Tonight he needs only this.

Afraid of Being Alone by Mackem


Nice Porthos/Aramis fic set after 103

“I didn’t mention innocence,” Porthos grins. “I don’t believe you were ever innocent, Aramis. I’ll bet you smirked before you smiled.”

Take my milk for gall by Chaletian


Really good Milady gen

She has never been a good woman. Virtue is not in her nature.

There is nothing on earth that we share by Chaletian



“A night-time assassination?” she replies, reaching out, lightly touching his hair. “How very tedious. You’ll suffer when I kill you, my dear Athos.”

Sure by deinonychus_1


Athos/D’Artagnan fluff, I really like this

“I was starting to think you’d never wake up.”

“I’m starting to wish I hadn’t.”

A Friend In Need by Suzie_Shooter

Athos/Porthos post ep 1

Porthos lifted his hat and scrubbed a hand through his hair, wishing Aramis was there. He was generally the one more suited to flights of philosophy.

Fair Trade by Suzie_Shooter


Athos/Porthos/Aramis fic, another really good one

"Suppose we'd better make it quick," Porthos sighed. "Or he'll be back looking for us."

"So are we doing ourselves, or each other?" Aramis enquired, and Athos snorted.

"And to think they call you the romantic one."

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So, the weekend before last I saw Pacific Rim and it was amaaaaaaazing. I enjoyed it A LOT and have been swallowing all the fic I can since then, hurrah. On the whole, the fic for the film has been really good. I’ve only had one DNF, and even that was more because I couldn’t buy into the author’s headcanon than because it was a bad fic.

(fabulously, I last downloaded a bunch of fic two days ago, and I can already see some fics I haven’t read yet on Pinboard, so more fic, yay! Hopefully some of it will be Stacker/Herc because there is nowhere near enough of that around)

As a result of all this reading, here are some fic recs in no particular order:

lots of fic )

I must find the time to comment on these fics (hahahaha, time, yeah, whatever Han) but hope this is useful :) May well be back with another post once I've caught up on the next batch of fic. Does anyone want meta recs? Those seem to have been fairly comprehensively covered but let me know if you want some links. 

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Line of Duty started on BBC 2 last night and gosh, it was very good.

cut for spoilers )

In other news, here are a selection of new UK TV shows coming soon that are not on Sky (I’m afraid you’ll have to google those yourself – I do not have Sky so looking at shows I can’t watch makes me sad). Potential spoilers at all links, obviously:

Blackout (on Monday 2 July) – BBC – stars Christopher Eccleston, Dervla Kirwan, Andrew Scott and a bunch of other people. I can’t actually condense the main plot without spoiling something or other, so I will say that it sounds worth a go. Could be very, very good. 


Last Tango In Halifax – BBC – this is a six-part romantic comedy by Sally Wainwright featuring Derek Jacobi, Nicola Walker, Anne Reid (yay!) and Sarah Lancashire (among many others). It focuses on two old flames who meet and rekindle their relationship, and the effect that has on the people around them.


Good Cop – BBC - Warren Brown playing a complex character, which presumably means he’ll start off seeming good and then be horrible. He plays a response cop whose life is thrown into turmoil when his best friend is murdered. At this point it sounds like I am going to be a very sad bunny at the end of the series (other people who are less invested in Justin Ripley will probably not be so bothered).


Parade’s End – BBC/HBO Tom Stoppard adaptation of novels by Ford Madox Ford. Stars everyone ever (Cumberbatch, Rebecca Hall, Rupert Everett, Miranda Richardson, Roger Allam, Freddie Fox etc etc).


A Mother’s Son – ITV – psychological thriller (oh good!) starring Martin Clunes, Paul McGann and Hermione Norris. A teenage girl’s body is found and Hermione Norris suspects her son of the killing. Sounds interesting.


Case Sensitive – ITV – 2 more adaptations of Zoe Hannah’s novels, featuring DS Charlie Zailer (Olivia Williams) and DC Simon Waterhouse (Darren Boyd, who was excellent in this last time)


Room At The Top – BBC - This was originally supposed to be broadcast...last year, I think, but there were some legal wrangles that had to be sorted. Happily that has been done, so this adaptation of the 1950s novel should be on later in the year (with Maxine Peake and Matthew McNulty).


World Without End – Channel 4 – sequel to Pillars of the Earth, hurrah! Stars everyone ever who wasn’t in POTE, including Peter Firth, Miranda Richardson, Cynthia Nixon, Indira Varma etc. TBH if you didn’t see POTE you probably won’t be interested in this, and if you did enjoy it you don’t need a long winded explanation of the plot (because there is no such thing as a short explanation).


Restless – BBC – espionage thriller based on William Boyd’s novel (?), set during the 70s so expect plenty of Russians. Sounds pretty intriguing and stars Hayley Atwell and Michelle Dockery, omgomgomg. 


Hunted – BBC – also an action spy-thriller, although I believe this one is set in the present day. This was originally going to be called Morton (the main character’s name was Sam Morton, it is now Sam Hunter, do you see what they did there?), and I think it’s gone through a bunch of other names during production. As you might expect from the name, it’s spy-on-the-run, who-can-you-trust fare, although interestingly the characters are employed by a private espionage organisation rather than a government. I am tempted to say ‘expect explosions and plotholes’, but let’s see how it goes first (and if they do anything interesting with the premise).


Other shows I haven’t talked about that much but would recommend (that have been on in the last year):

Monroe – James Nesbitt as a brain surgeon, Sarah Parrish as a heart surgeon, assorted excellent supporting cast and really way better than you’d expect. May try to do a more in-depth lj entry on it. (returning for a second series)

Call the Midwife – excellent, excellent, excellent (and I say this as someone who doesn’t give a fig about pregnancy/childbirth storylines in most media). Funny and charming and heartwarming but still with a real bite to it (it is set just after the birth of the NHS). Wholly recommended. (returning for a second series)

The Shadow Line – I think I probably did talk about this one quite a lot when it was on, but it’s worth coming back to, especially in light of Line of Duty. Odder and more stylised and less focussed on the police, but still excellent and unsettling and gorgeous. Everyone in it is fantastic.

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The more I think about this book, the more disappointing it gets. Not because it was bad or boring, but because there’s only one sodding book and it’s YA so it’s far too bloody short.


Interlude: a handy tip

If you see a book in a library that has a) a brightly-coloured sticker on the spine (in this case, fluorescent orange with a black Z) and b) is pretty short, and then c) when you read it the main characters are all teenagers, you’ve probably picked up a YA novel.


So, the premise of this book: London is now Pastworld, a giant Victorian theme park, staffed with permanent residents (some of whom live their whole lives in Pastworld with varying degrees of awareness of the artificial nature of their home) and more temporary employees. They’re watched over with a very modern security system, and everything about their environment can be controlled – the residents don’t even get to see the sky).

The story focuses on two people (I say people because I also didn’t realise one of them was supposed to be a teenager until fairly late on – basically the book is not the only one at fault here) with mysterious pasts and futures (as well as a large cast of mostly male supporting characters). Their stories don’t play out entirely satisfactorily, but I think this is mostly down to the amount of time given to them – I really do think this book had plenty of scope to be longer.

The characters in the book are, as I mentioned, mostly male (which makes sense given the faux-Victorian setting and the jobs of the modern characters) and fairly broadly drawn. The star of the show, to be honest, is the world building (which suits me just fine). Somehow, the idea that London has been bought up and turned into a giant theme park seems plausible in this book.

The book is set in the run up to an anniversary party (can’t remember which one now) which will be marked with the destruction of the last remaining modern building in Pastworld. Oddly enough, this is Tower 42 (NatWest tower). This is probably going too far off into territory that only interests me, but I’m not sure why Tower 42 was the last one standing? I presume it was mostly to do with practicalities – it provides a space for scenes from the book that you couldn’t have done at something like the Gherkin, even if that would have been more familiar to a YA audience.

The book ends slightly disappointingly (for me) but with the possibility of a sequel – I really hope there is one. I would happily read a whole book of short stories just following residents and visitors in Pastworld. I think there’s plenty of ways the author could return to the premise. I’d like to see something similar as a full-length novel as well, but to be honest I’d read it if it was just world building so maybe I’m not the most representative audience...

Still, I would recommend it for YA readers, or readers who like London as a setting and like it even more when something creative is done with that setting.


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Apr 18th - 22nd

Parents' swish new Auris
Peanut butter cookies
Lesley's Dad's 90th birthday cake (mmmm, cake)
Street in Steyning with mostly Tudor buildings

April 18th - 22nd )
Rec: am currently watching a repeat of Silent Witness, but it is a rather good one, if a bit silly (Harry goes off to Hungary and his gf gets killed, which is the start of Harry's Epic Sadness about not having a family, and then a bunch of exciting running and shooting etc happens). So if you're bored you could watch that. 

And here's the short ramble I got into before I realised it was a repeat, lol:

  1. “What is it, have you shagged everyone in London?” “Not quite.”
  2. Well, this is already more enjoyable than last week’s.
  3. “Simon’s my hairdresser, he’ll take ten years off you.”
  4. HAAAAAAAANG ON. This is a repeat, right?
  5. Well that explains why it’s better
  7. Oh gosh he’s so charming.
  8. I presume I rambled about this last year so I'll stop now.
  9. OH GOSH HARRY (ok, really stopping NOW)
Apr 23rd - 27th 

Formula 1 car suspended in Woking shopping centre
New buildings near the Tate (Holland St, I think)
Three cats staring. They were watching another cat, lol. 
View up in the centre of a building (I think I was in a kind of courtyard). I could find it again but clearly failed to note the address, sigh. 
Some weird kind of decoration on a wall. Or in, I suppose. 

April 23rd - 27th )
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Apr 8th - 12th 

Pudding (older niece) on a swing
And in a pretty dress
View from the flat
Some very, very creepy statue things (I don't care if it's art, they freak me out)
Underground roundel from the back (one of our meeting venues is above Holborn tube station)

April 8th to 12th )

Rec: Seven Bowie Songs by feverbeats, a short Luther fic that manages to get it so so right in very few words. 


Apr 13th - 17th

Grass and flowers outside my building, when it was all bright and nice
The roof of the British Museum (from, you guessed it, Centrepoint)
An interestingly decorated house (I say decorated, it's sort of been sacrificed to plants from the look of it)
Sweets! Which OMG I wish I had right now, but I've eaten them all. 
April 13th - 17th )
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Mar 29th - Apr 2nd

Top of the Shard
Egg Hunt egg from Selfridges (more of those at http://metropolithan.blogspot.com/ and more to come)
Sound sculpture in front of Canada Tower (called Aeolus - it's been travelling round the UK and was actually in Cornwall when Crishna and I went last year :D :D) - http://www.lukejerram.com/aeolus
Biscuit thing (I've forgotten what it was called, aaaaargh, was a lot like a florentine) that a colleague brought back from Turkey. Yes, those are petals. I'm weird and I like flower-flavoured things.
Dinner. Sometimes I just really like the food I cook. This was one of those times.

March 29th - April 2nd )

Rec: new music! BIGKids (latest thing from Mr Hudson)


Apr 3rd - 7th

Tiny graffiti in the toilets at Centrepoint
A little alley by Snow Hill Court
Selfridges at night
Massive elephant thing set piece from the Les Mis film (at Greenwich)
Pumpkin (youngest niece)

April 3rd - 7th )

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Mar 18th - 22nd

View inside Alt St Alban, Cologne
View of the lake at Bruhl
View of the Rhein at Dusseldorf
Roman stone from the Praetorium
A new ring (sadly can't remember if this was from Germany or not - Crishna???) 

Mar 18th - 22nd )

Rec: Series 4 of Horrible Histories

This is probably something everyone knows about already, but the new series is on iPlayer at the moment (http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01h9bk6/Horrible_Histories_Series_4_Episode_8/ and you can work through the rest), and it is as funny as ever. Also includes some guest stars (the League of Gentlemen, Chris Addison) and excellent songs.

The Horrible Histories Henry the Eighth is the best.

March 24th - 28th

No picture for March 23rd because I accidentally gave myself food poisoning on the 22nd and spent the 23rd feeling like death.

A fricking big bee at my parents' (next to a metal decorative elephant thing)
Ching Court near Covent Garden (found by accident one afternoon)
Admiralty Arch
Salt and pepper squid (YUM)
Monument. I have never been up Monument, something which gets more ridiculous every time I walk past it. Must go when the weather improves and the skies are clear. 

Mar 24th - 28th )

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March 8th - 12th

Restaurant dessert (it was yum)
View from Centrepoint down into the Crossrail site
The name stamp that is now on allll my cards
Gates at Green Park in the evening
Buildings on Holborn Viaduct

Mar 8th - 12th )
Book rec: Alison Hewitt is Trapped, by Madeline Roux. A zombie novel in the format of blog entries, which is an idea so good I'm sick I didn't think of it (don't be surprised if I end up doing it in a fanfic one day).

It's a really engaging book - Alison herself is an easily relatable character, resourceful without being unrealistically badass, The blog format works surprisingly well, and allows for a few other voices besides the main characters without letting them get tiresome. I really enjoyed everything about it, basically. 

There's a second book in the series - Sadie Walker is Stranded - that has just come out. I'm looking forward to it!

March 13th - 17th 

Lion drinking fountain (no longer in use) 
A very very cold Coke Zero can (people keep mucking with the temperature control in our work fridge)
A charity dog model thing in One New Change (part of the SANE Black Dog campaign -  http://www.sane.org.uk/what_we_do/black_dog/
Chairs and tables in Covent Garden in the morning 
Posts outside Brussels Midi (on the way to Germany)

Mar 13th - 17th )
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 Sorry in advance for the spamming of your flists. I've got loads to go through so I'll do ten per post instead of five and I'll try to rec at least one thing in each post...

Feb 27th - March 2nd

Fountain in Trafalgar Square in the evening
One of my Cow Parade cows :) (used as header for  http://metropolithan.blogspot.co.uk/ )
Red velvet cookies
Tower of St Martin-in-the-Fields, near Charing Cross
A very foggy morning outside my flat

Feb 27 - Mar 2 )

Rec: two Hunger Games AUs (the second is a remix of the first)

NB: I've not actually read the Hunger Games yet, but I have seen the movie (and I know most of the plot points), and I really liked what these fics did with the story.

Life After Survival (the original)
That Certain Look a Victor Has (the remix)

Mar 3rd - 7th

Tower Bridge at night
New owl ring!
Graffiti in dusty windows (this was somewhere near work but can't remember exactly where)
Annoyingly blurred picture of a sign 
A wooden table outside which has seen better days...
Mar 3rd - 7th )

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