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I am so ill. I have a horrendous stomach bug that is making me sadface and preventing me doing anything of much use (I was quite proud of myself for managing to wash up this morning, put it that way).

However, one thing I have managed is watching TV/films, so:

Bourne Legacy )

Safe )

TV-wise, I watched eps 1-4 of Dancing On The Edge, but I'm going to ramble/complain about that when I've seen ep 5 so I won't start rambling now.

Spoilers in the cut below:

Utopia, Ripper Street, Call the Midwife, Being Human etc )
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 Okay, yeah, I have fallen hard for this show. I can't remember if I rambled about last week's but I just want to talk about this week's:

spoilers )

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Ripper Street is actually improving week on week, I think. Matthew McFadyen is as wonderful as ever, and Jerome Flynn is just great. I mean, he's good in Game of Thrones but he's absolutely my favourite character in this. Adam Rothenberg is pretty good too, although I've never seen him in anything before this (IMDB suggests he's been in a whole bunch of American stuff). 

I will write a proper entry about it at some point (probably when the series has finished) but right now:

spoilers )

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 And it's not a numbered/reaction list! It is a reaction though. Rant. Whatever. 

Cutting this for spoilers... )

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