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Oh GOD I am useless. I'm so useless I've actually set myself an alarm to come and post here every week (or comment on fic if I really have nothing to say). I hope you are all ok! 

ANYWAY! First post of the new regime, lol. The weather has turned, going from surprisingly mild to OMG LAYERS, so that's a pain. More of a pain was the storm the other night which blew over one of the pots I have outside of my front door, which is worrying as they've got rocks in the bottom. Oh well, tree seems to have survived, though a lot of stuff went over that night and a bunch of things ended up hitting my windows (mostly paper/plastic).

Recently I have been crocheting a lot to get Christmas presents done (and will be doing that again once I post this), I did Open House (pictures here: metropolithan.blogspot.co.uk/), I've been to Brussels with Lesley (there will eventually be photos of this but I am slow) and I have been doing a lot of tech support for my parents. I have recently accepted that this is basically my purpose in life now ;)

I'm typing this while listening to Watch What Crappens, which is a podcast about the Real Housewives shows (which I don't watch) and they're attempting to do Cheshire accents and it is completely ridiculous. All their accents are completely ridiculous tbh but hilarious.

I have also been slowly working my way through the stuff saved on my Freesat box and other TV shows, mainly because I want to watch Justified but can't start that until I have less than 50 billion other things to watch. Last weekend I watched Under the Skin, which was very odd (Scarlett Johansson was amazing though) and made my way through a few episodes of River. The last episode was this week, and scattered thoughts are under the cut, mostly taken from an email conversation with [livejournal.com profile] delgaserasca earlier:

RIver )

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