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Oh, so it turned out Friday's episode was the last in the series. That had passed me by. Frustrating. 

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Silent Witness

Ok, so, a few things about last night even though nobody on my flist is watching:


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Out tonight so will have to avoid the internet until tomorrow - was on tumblr for about 5 seconds earlier but luckily couldn't tell if I was reading spoilers or speculation.
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Apr 18th - 22nd

Parents' swish new Auris
Peanut butter cookies
Lesley's Dad's 90th birthday cake (mmmm, cake)
Street in Steyning with mostly Tudor buildings

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Rec: am currently watching a repeat of Silent Witness, but it is a rather good one, if a bit silly (Harry goes off to Hungary and his gf gets killed, which is the start of Harry's Epic Sadness about not having a family, and then a bunch of exciting running and shooting etc happens). So if you're bored you could watch that. 

And here's the short ramble I got into before I realised it was a repeat, lol:

  1. “What is it, have you shagged everyone in London?” “Not quite.”
  2. Well, this is already more enjoyable than last week’s.
  3. “Simon’s my hairdresser, he’ll take ten years off you.”
  4. HAAAAAAAANG ON. This is a repeat, right?
  5. Well that explains why it’s better
  7. Oh gosh he’s so charming.
  8. I presume I rambled about this last year so I'll stop now.
  9. OH GOSH HARRY (ok, really stopping NOW)
Apr 23rd - 27th 

Formula 1 car suspended in Woking shopping centre
New buildings near the Tate (Holland St, I think)
Three cats staring. They were watching another cat, lol. 
View up in the centre of a building (I think I was in a kind of courtyard). I could find it again but clearly failed to note the address, sigh. 
Some weird kind of decoration on a wall. Or in, I suppose. 

April 23rd - 27th )
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Not one of my favourites, but this is last night's episode so it might all pull together when I watch the second half...

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This week's episodes can mostly be summed up as: AAAAARGH LEO DAMN IT.

Also comes with the usual comments about Harry.

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Today has been rather good. I intended to work on uploading cards to my shop, which I did. I now have 65 items (a couple are group packs of Christmas cards) here:


So if you fancy having a look or passing on the link to anyone who might be interested I’d be very pleased :). At the moment I’ve just listed as selling in the UK and the cards are between €2-3 each (it’s a European site).

(NB I will probably do a separate post with some pics when I’ve uploaded some more as I have 200+ cards – planning on uploading more this week)

In between that I managed to watch my outstanding episodes of Better Off Ted (which turned out to be 8 of them!) and lo, it was hilarious. I’m planning on doing a show/rec post soon as everyone needs to see this show.

I also watched a couple of episodes of Sarah Jane Adventures that it turned out I hadn’t seen (The Eternity Trap), so that was ace.

And I watched last Monday’s Scott and Bailey which was just guh, oh my goodness, AMAZING. I hope it gets recommissioned forever and ever.

(incidentally, if anyone is watching Scott and Bailey and enjoying Lesley Sharp being amazing, try Afterlife, it was excellent)

And then I finally got round to watching Attack The Block, which I had from Lovefilm, and it was as good as everyone had said. And I loved what they did with the aliens – definitely something different. Very much recommended.

Also, I have just watched Silent Witness: 

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Apparently s13/14 are out on DVD. I need to check if I own them yet. At my parents' again so less detail than I'd like. Plenty of Harry-related flailing though!

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Shorter than usual as I am at the parents' and was watching with Lesley and Dear.

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This is series 15 or something ludicrous like that.

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