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This one, people, is not even a Spooks fic.

The Hour fic, set post episode 4, I think (disclaimer - I haven't rewatched the show in quite some time).  

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I have to confess, I found the last part of the episode (maybe the last 15 minutes) quite frustrating. The pacing and the story. 
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Oh gosh, what to say about The Hour? Well, it’s got Romola Garai, Ben Whishaw, Dominic West, Anna Chancellor, Burn Gorman, Jessica Hynes and about a bajillion other people.

It’s got interesting characters and complex relationships, it’s got funky names (Lix Storm, Clarence Fendley, Marnie Madden), it has intrigue and mystery and at least one ‘did they just say that? OMG’ moment per episode. It is, of course, set in the 1950s, but is not actually the British Mad Men. Honest.

(I have never watched Mad Men but people who have watched it seem quite clear on that last point)

The script is delightful; eventually I’ll just make a quotes post, I think (I would do it now but iplayer is being a bastard).

Oh, and it has a gorgeous title sequence.

So far four episodes of six have aired, and the episodes so far are on iPlayer.


Under the cut are spoilery comments (up to episode 4), observations and rambling.

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Because things have happened and I am finally starting to feel better.

a) Getting work health insurance so worth it, as I have an appointment with a dermatologist next week. Current main suspect for all this trouble: sun.
b) At the weekend I decided to i. keep the sun off my neck and ii. stop using products containing SLS on it. This was basically desperation, but one or the other has worked so well that I may not have any symptoms to show the dermatologist. Good thing I took pictures.
c) The Hour continues to be excellent, and if all the episodes are on iPlayer I will attempt to have an lj ramble about it.
d) Yesterday when loading the dishwasher at my parents’ house I found a metal ring (with little metal skulls) in the sink. It’s not mine. It’s definitely not Lesley’s. Sometimes, I have to remind myself that I’m not superstitious (we’re pretty sure we know where it came from but it’s still weird).
e) I continue to have fic idea upon fic idea, but not to be able to actually finish anything.
f) I am going through all my cards to make sure I have decent photos so I can finally set up a thing to sell them.
g) I am going to set up a photo blog soon, damn it. I am.
h) I am going to the athletics Grand Prix at Crystal Palace tomorrow! This is the first sporting event I have ever chosen to attend.
i) I have read the new Luther book and it was fucking awesome.

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