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Reposted from FB. 

So. There’s a little black cloud following me round today.

 Today is the 20th anniversary of my mum’s death. I don’t talk about it online every year, but twenty years is a really, really long time (yesterday I found a comment from 2005 where I said nine years felt like a long time!) and I felt like I needed to mention it. It’s been on my mind all week.

I miss her a lot, and it has been such a long time that these days I am mostly just sad that she didn’t get to see how Bex and I grew up, she didn’t get to see what we’ve done with our lives, she didn’t get to see her grandchildren. I know she would be proud of us, though.

It’s an odd anniversary to have at our ages, it’s not the kind of thing that people expect, and it’s difficult to know what to say about it (especially to people who don’t know, which will include some people reading this, because there is no subtle way to tell people that your mum died when you were 14 and your sister was 10). It’s a heavy thing to bring into a conversation, even if you’re mostly okay because it has been years and years and years.

It’s also difficult because it changed everything, it wasn’t expected and if she hadn’t died when she did, our lives would look entirely different today. So different I can’t even guess where we would be.

I’m not going to go, but I just wanted to say that her death was devastating, but one thing it taught me was not to take people for granted. Make sure that the people you care about know that you care, and be kind. The world is a miserable enough place as it is, and you don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, so sometimes all you can do is try to improve the lives of the people around you.

Love to you all xx

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It has been a ridiculously stressful week, but most of the things causing me trouble are over. We have now booked our flights for Japan, OH YES (did I mention this? I'M GOING TO JAPAN NEXT YEAR). Lots of faff getting them sorted but oh my GOD, it's done now!

I've not been doing much else but working and stressing, and I am mainly posting this because I need to talk to someone about Emmerdale (I looked on Tumblr again; mistake!). [livejournal.com profile] girlofprey, TALK TO ME SO I'M NOT JUST SHOUTING AT MY TV. It's so weird, why is Jimmy taking Ashley's illness 90% less seriously than everyone else? I am reconsidering my position on Lawrence, although his treatment of the people around him still drives me mad. Still not here for whatever nonsense Holly is pulling. 

I am just sitting down to the last episode of Marcella, which mostly has not lived up to potential. Interested to see how it resolves. I am still yet to finish The Tunnel S1, Line of Duty S3 or Happy Valley S2 (!!). 
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Let's not talk about how long it has been since I posted fic, ok? But here is my first Killjoys fic:


We don't measure the blood we've drawn
He has nothing to do but wait for Fancy Lee to wake up.
Gen, post 1x10

Apart from Killjoys stuff I've been writing terrible Emmerdale drawerfic in my head, so just be glad I've posted something half-sensible.

I have also posted an ad on fivenights.com, but it hasn't been moderated yet. However if anyone's looking for a room to rent Mon-Fri in London, check out the Greenwich listings on the website from next week :D I am renting my spare room out to fund a trip to Japan which will be taking place next year. \o/ \o/ \o/ SUPER exciting but also very expensive.  
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A couple of weeks ago I went to Paris with a friend and then completely failed to post photos. However I'm just at the start of 10 days off work (booked off the week after Easter!) so let's try and get some things cleared from the to-do list :D

As per usual I wasn't taking loads of organised photos so this is a random selection of things that caught my eye while we were there.

Lots of pics! )
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So this week I thought I would pass on some links, as recently I bought a sd card for my tablet and then discovered that you can't just stick it in the tablet and have it work (NB think this depends on the device as pretty sure the one on my phone went in just fine).

I did a LOT of searching and tried a lot of apps and faffed with a lot of different things, but eventually I found that this sequence worked out.

Apols to [livejournal.com profile] delgaserasca, who as usual has seen this already.

So first off, you will need to root your device, I followed this and all was fine:


DISCLAIMER: obviously there is a risk with rooting that you will kill your device, proceed at own risk etc etc.

Second, you will need to partition your sd card if you haven't already. You can get apps for this but I would recommend downloading minitool partition wizard to your computer and following these instructions:


NB Windows only recognises one partition so on Windows it will look like you've lost space - when you mount the sd card into the tablet again you'll see the whole lot.

Thirdly, you will need to install link2sd


Then it is pretty self explanatory. Technically you will be linking the apps rather than moving them (there are explanations on the interwebs of what difference this makes, but it clears space either way) so often the 'move to sd' function won't actually work.

It will also move apps to the second partition but give you the option of where to move data/caches etc. This only matters depending on the size of your sd card.

After the first one it will lock the link function until you buy (Idk if this is permanent or one a day or what, I didn't have the patience to wait it out!) but it is a good app and does exactly what you need so I think it is worth the £1.45. It can also set it up so new apps go automatically to the sd card.
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No proper update this week, as on Thursday I was grumpy from dealing with Tesco customer service and Southeastern being useless, and then on Friday I had the day off to paint. I painted my bedroom this weekend and I looooooove it. I did purple (as in my last flat; I really love purple) but this time I've done the wall behind my bed in a bright purple as a feature wall and the other walls in pale purple. 

However due to this I have either been a) painting or b) worn out, so I haven't really watched anything or been able to think about things to write or whatever (although I have been working on my Killjoys fic, little by little). I fully expect not to be able to lift my arms properly tomorrow. 

I have helpfully just discovered that I didn't set Call the Midwife to record this week so I'll have to get it on iPlayer. :/ Excitingly, Vera is back this week but I haven't watched it yet. Oh and Jericho is actually turning into something quite intriguing, and has managed to wrongfoot me a couple of times. 

This is quite a boring entry, but hopefully next time I'll have managed to get some pictures with a bit of daylight, so maybe next time will be more interesting!


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On Sunday evening (not yesterday, the one before that) I ventured out in TERRIBLE weather and battled with transport nonsense to get to Hammersmith to see Will Young with kikishua.


Support was Lemar, who I do like a lot, and even more after seeing him live – he just had one guy playing acoustic guitar as his musical background, and he was a very engaging artist, chatting a lot and he has a great voice. Also he’s from London so points for that :D /shameless favouritism.

His current album, The Letter, is out now – www.lemar-online.com/
Haven’t bought it yet but based on the songs we heard, would recommend.

Now, the main event. Will Young has been one of my favourite pop stars since he won Pop Idol. This is the first time I’ve seen him live as him, but I have seen him in Cabaret (excellent). I love his voice and although my tastes tend more towards electronic music, there are so many songs of his that I love. I also love his visual sensibilities – you can tell he is an artist that loves making music videos (a lot of them basically seem to be AU fic, really). Music videos are sort of my first fandom (a fandom of one, in a way, because it’s difficult to find people into the same music videos as you are, haha) so finding artists that actually like making them is great for me. Anyway, I’ll link at the end.

It’s always difficult to guess how a solo artist will stage a live show, because although they have a band, the band are usually pretty anonymous. I really liked the staging of this show, which involved a lot of plastic sheeting, and Will being dressed as some weird monk. Oh and the stage crew being dressed in white boiler suits (band and backing singers were just in normal clothes).

The first song was Brave Man, and was sung with Will facing to the right of the stage, singing into a wind machine blowing things at him. It was a really interesting visual choice to start off with (I did think the whole show was about five minutes of planning off being a total concept show with singer Will trapped in a dystopia, and I would have been there for that).

After that the staging became more traditional, and there was a fair amount of audience interaction which was great (although audiences everywhere could learn that just because you can shout at the artists doesn’t mean you should), and the songs were fantastic. He’s just got an amazing voice.

The set list was great, although I was disappointed there was no Hopes and Fears because I love that song. However that was the only song I missed, and hearing the other songs (Who am I! Jealousy! LOVE REVOLUTION!) live was just brilliant.

The only thing I thought was a bit odd was ending on Leave Right Now, which I absolutely LOVE but which is a sad song to have at the end of your show. However it was the last night of the tour and the second (!) encore and it was fantastic.

Anyway, videos! In no particular order:

cut because embeds )
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Bit late with this week's entries due to being out and about, so I've got two things to talk about.

First up – Hyper Japan Christmas Market. My best friend organised this trip and I went along having not looked it up much beforehand, but expecting something like the Language Show (trade show for linguists/language teachers etc) but with a bunch of anime. I possibly should have done a bit more research.

So we headed off to Shadwell, which is a really odd nothing place to be honest. I mostly use it as a place to change from the DLR to the Overground when I’m on my wanders. However they do have Tobacco Dock, which is a pretty interesting building in its own right.

Tobacco Dock is a Grade 1 listed warehouse that was converted into a shopping centre in 1990 at a cost of £47 million (OK THEN). It was supposed to be the Covent Garden of East London (which you can see in the design of the place) but it failed and went into administration (I’m not sure if it ever actually opened). It’s now used as a corporate events space, and apparently has been used in quite a few films and TV shows. I suppose with Earl’s Court being redeveloped (is that still on?) it will become even more popular. It’s an interesting building, although some of it is open to the air so it’s flipping freezing on a chilly morning.

So when we got there it turned out that it was basically just a big pile of shops and stalls selling a) anime and anime-related stuff, b) traditional Japanese clothes, c) modern Japanese design, d) all the Gothic Lolita stuff you could want, e) a truckload of jewellery, f) another truckload of soft toys and g) any random shit that didn’t fit in to the above.

There were also stalls selling food, so obviously we got a sushi snack before making our first go round. And then we spent some money. And then we spent some more money. And then we talked to a nice lady from Inside Japan Tours about the trips they offer. And then we spent some more money.

We also went to the food stalls and I had takoyaki, which I just absolutely love (deep fried octopus balls).

And then we spent some more money. BUT! I got some amazing stuff. I was going to try to post pics here but instagram is an arse to embed, so please see my actual instagram: www.instagram.com/hanlondon

It goes from the blurry gold and green earrings (my phone refused to play ball) to the cute purple alpaca <3. Also, follow my instagram if you like pictures of London, jewellery and crafts. 
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I've been meaning to post for AGES but have been generally useless lately, for reasons which I will now explain. But first! A couple of quick happy updates:

1) I've been in my flat for just over a year and it is wonderful. I love it so much and sometimes still can't believe it is mine. Garden is coming on amazingly too. 

2) As of lunchtme today I have THREE nieces, woo hoo! Which also means I need to get on with the crochet things I'm doing for the baby. 

Anyway, update: I have been rubbish at everything for a while because work just got worse and worse, and there was some fuckery I still don't entirely understand, added to the fact that the department I worked in was being run very oddly and with no real thought for how the people there were supposed to cope BUT upshot is I found another job and do not have to care about this anymore, hurrah!

I left my job (with three months' notice, mind you) at the end of July, and jumped straight into my new job, which thus far is fab. It is properly in the City of London, which is AMAZING, and I have been doing a lot of walking and wandering. The hours are set at 9-5 which is pretty great as in my last few months at Pearson there was a) way too much to do and b) extended hours, which meant I was pretty regularly working 10+ hour days, so it felt like all I did for months was work, eat and sleep. Suddenly a) I can do things in the evening and b) I'm not completely fucking exhausted all the time. 

It does feel like my head is so much clearer these days, and multiple people have told me I seem more relaxed (I aaaaam), but it is also the culture of the new place that makes a difference. Even the idea of starting a job and not immediately getting thrown in is a novelty to me - I was speaking to another new starter (who had worked at Pearson in the past) who said the same thing. It's just really, really good so far. 

What this has meant is that I've made bugger all progress on anything, although I have made a couple of updates on metropolithan.blogspot.com, and recently got back to posting on emptylondon.tumblr.com/ (possibly my favourite thing I've ever done, if I'm honest) so I am trying to get back to normal and not progressing on stuff because I have too many hobbies, and not because I'm too knackered for any of those hobbies. I also get to take a WHOLE HOUR for lunch at work, which means I have been able to do some crochet, so I am currently trying to finish a shawl and then can take in another project to work on. Amazing. 

What I haven't been doing lately is writing, which is disappointing to me but every time I think about it I just have other things that come first (even when it comes to non fiction like reviews or Metropolithan). I didn't have the spare brain power for months and months so I just stopped, apart from a couple of hundred words on an original thing which is purely for my own amusement. I think I'm just going to have to be disciplined and sit down with no distractions to see what is still salvageable and what isn't. 

I have recently been watching Hannibal (amazing), one episode of Daredevil (liked very much), Witnesses (stupid, chucked it in), Odyssey (daft conspiracy nonsense but enjoyable), Brooklyn 99 (hilarious), Long Lost Family (makes me cry every episode), Undercover Boss (surprisingly good workout tv, also semi-regularly makes me cry), Cordon (daft but really enjoyable OH NOES A VIRUS QUARANTINE ANTWERP drama) and probably a pile of other things I have forgotten. Oh, Orphan Black, I'm about three episodes into the latest series. 

I think that's it for now, but I will attempt to come back more regularly, if nothing else I need to do some fic recs!
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Earlier in the week I was talking to the guy I sit next to at work about school because it was GCSE results day and we work on exam papers. 

During the course of the conversation I explained how I only ended up doing Classics at school because I changed schools between Year 9 and Year 10 (beginning of GCSE course for those outside UK) because my mum died and we moved back to London. I'd originally planned on doing French and German but the timetable didn't work out at my new school, so I chose German and then did Classics as well. 

I hadn't thought about this for years, but back in Somerset I had planned to keep studying languages and to then eventually work in languages in some way, although back then I didn't know what I was planning to do with them or where I was planning to go. As we were talking I realised that actually I changed course a few times during my education, either because of circumstances or getting fed up with the subject and then finding something new (Heritage Studies <3) and then when that was done with I changed again because I realised I wasn't willing or able to work for nothing while I got relevant experience in the Heritage industry. 

So after my degree I had some office jobs, including one that was rubbish that had a good bonus system (which helped me afford the flat, because I'd been saving my bonuses and as much of my salary as possible), and then seven years ago (!?!?!?!) I got my current job, working on exam papers. And the papers I worked on changed over the years (some languages, Economics, Engineering & Manufacturing, Accounting etc.), until last November when we merged with another team (we actually split away from them about 9 years ago, I think, but they do love fiddling with stuff in my company) and I took over working on International GCSE language papers. This is the first time everything I work on has been MFL papers, but it wasn't until talking to my colleague that actually, I am doing what I wanted to do when I was 14, even if back then I only had the vaguest idea of what would be interesting. 

I can't even tell if this is serendipity or if it just proves that I am a very predictable person (I totally am though)! 

I am in currently in the frame of mind where I think that generally things work out, but sometimes it takes a little while longer than you'd like. I am currently in this frame of mind mostly because I'm typing this in a maisonette - my maisonette - which is super quiet on a Saturday night and is generally quiet enough for me to sleep without earplugs, which is something I thought was going to be a long way off. So yeah, it took a while and it was really fucking difficult at various points along the way, but I got there in the end. 
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I thought I had an entry drafted somewhere but nvm. I have been away (Hastings as usual) but now am hoooooome. So, a few things: 

1) I have moved in
2) It is PERFECTION. I love it here, so so much. 
3) I have lost my camera battery charger so no photos yet, though I have borrowed a camera so possibly photos at weekend
4) New bed is excellent, new sofas also excellent
5) Bathroom is amazing
6) Me/solitude = OTP (to put it in slightly more words, I really really really like being on my own)
7) Still no nickname. What rhymes with maisonette?

More at the weekend, probably. Hope you are all ok!
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 My purchase of the currently-without-a-nickname maisonette completed on Tuesday (there's nothing that rolls of the tongue the way Wonderflat did, sadly). It's mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine!

Sadly I have not moved in yet as my stuff has not been delivered but I am using the time to paint just to brighten things up. Also I am having the bathroom redone next week so that is exciting! 

Other exciting things:

1) I have two bedrooms, or a bedroom and a craft room :D
2) I have a garden! Which Lesley is very sweetly doing a lot of work in for me because she is ace and I am not a gardener
3) Relatedly, I now own a lawnmower
4) I have bought a new bed (has been delivered but was damaged SIGH) and new sofas
5) I met all my neighbours on the first day and they are a) mostly women and b) mostly older (this is good for my noise worries as the people I had problems with before were generally male and young to middle aged)
6) It's really bloody quiet!!!
7) I now live in Greenwich!! Admittedly this is no different to the last four months OR the time before the four years I was in Lewisham, but really that just makes it better because Greenwich is home. 
8) It's not up a steep hill!
9) It's also not on the second floor! It is, in fact, on the ground floor, YAY!

So that's it for now - I will have more updates and photos as stuff progresses but atm it's quite empty and echo-y. Soon it will be full of all my stuff though :)
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Just a quick message for anyone who might need to know - I am moving out of my flat next Weds and from then on will be at my parents' until I find a new place (I am looking but nothing that's caught my eye so far).

It's still all slightly tedious but I am finally a) getting through the work and b) getting to the exciting part. Having spent the last five days being very, very ill, I am looking forward to having a bit of a rest when I get to my parents'. 

I have looked at a few places but nothing that's particularly caught my eye so far...
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Hello, all! Hope you had a good Christmas period. Mine was pretty good, although much noisier than I’d have liked.

Perhaps most excitingly, (try to work out how much I’m joking – even I’m not sure) I got back on the chocolate after 2 ½ months off. And DAAAAAMN, it was good.

I was over at the parents’ as usual, and got lots of lovely presents including oodles of new stuff for my kitchen. Sadly that stuff is all in my parents’ loft as I am packing up my place at the moment (anyone wondering why I am doing this without a moving date: it is just me, so if I don’t do this stuff, it is not going to get done).

I also had a good birthday, during which I did bugger all. I got some fab books, which so far are not packed away, hurrah! The weather was a bit rubbish, which meant I couldn’t go out for a long walk as planned, so I mostly faffed about with my niece’s tablet (she did not seem that bothered tbh), swore at my phone for being a git (have since reset it to factory settings and all is well now), ate chocolate and drank champagne (bless my Dad for buying champagne this year - white wine just makes me sleepy at the moment).

I was supposed to work on the 27th but the trains weren’t running so I did more sitting about doing nothing (well, I did do some writing) and playing with my nieces.

On the 28th I took my niece to see Frozen, which I really enjoyed (<3 Elsa) and then my BIL took me home back to my lovely quiet flat omg yay so quiet (until Downstairs Man started up). I then did more sorting/packing and playing about with laptop. Repeat that for the 29th.

I was in work on the 30th, and I realise I am incredibly boring but it was nice to have something normal to do (also quiet, as Downstairs Man was being noisy on the 29th as well). Also meant I got round to sending a bunch of flat-related emails that my parents have been bugging me about.

31st I cooked (macaroni cheese with apples – tbh both parts lovely but would have been just as good separate), cleaned and did more faffing on the laptop (I installed Bluestacks and then Candy Crush Saga because my niece had it, hahaha). Crishna came over for NYE as is traditional, though Downstairs Man was annoying (again) and next door started playing music AT MIDNIGHT, as you do (he did stop at 1, thankfully). It wasn’t the greatest NYE ever because we were both very tired, and had it been a normal night I’d have probably gone to bed at 10.

2013 wasn’t great, so I am hoping that 2014 is better and at the very least involves less dickish neighbours. I have made a grand total of one resolution, which is to eat less meat. I don’t think I can give up entirely, but I am going to try to reduce the amount I eat. All my other aims for the year (write, see my friends who live further away more often, find a house) aren’t really resolutions as I already had them in mind. And I already exercise at least 6 times a week – it’s not really a resolution if you’re just going to keep plugging away, is it?

Yesterday I did – no surprise – more packing, and the weather was shit, so we stayed in. I put my giant sofa on FreelyWheely and amazingly have had three replies, even after pointing out in the listing it would be a pain to clear. Hoping I might even get it picked up this weekend, which would be super useful. Hurrah for that, anyway!

Today I am at work (typesetting yay) and then over to my parents’ tonight. The weather forecast for the weekend is rubbish, which is a shame as I would have liked to have gone out somewhere. Ah well, more packing (there’s still an entire bookcase to tackle). And if I can get the sofa picked up I’ll have a decent amount of space for the boxes, woo.

With regards to Christmas TV – thought Who was ok but not great, enjoyed Death Comes To Pemberley (oh, Tom Ward, so lovely <3 <3), enjoyed Last Tango In Halifax a lot, thought Strictly was fun (and I loved a. the shameless overmarking of Elaine Paige and b. Rufus and Flavia’s dance), and struggled my way through Downton (I don’t watch it, but Lesley does so I was being nice), although I did like Paul Giamatti. Call the Midwife was as fantastic as usual.

I watched Sherlock, which I found more irritating than anything else, and were it not for Lars Mikkelsen I’d just give up now. Meh. I did also watch episode 6 of Sleepy Hollow, which I am really enjoying. And I know this isn’t news but goodness me, Tom Mison is attractive.

Was there other stuff on? Probably. I haven’t watched Big Fat Quiz of the Year yet, although I did see a little bit last night.

Excitingly a new series of Silent Witness starts tonight, yay! Not entirely sure about Emilia Fox’s hair this series – will have to wait to see it in motion.

I really must take a photo of one of my presents to use as a new default icon. 

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It's been a while. I have been offline most of this week due to struggling with work a lot and feeling a bit lost with all the flat stuff. However, through a shitload of hard work and some ridiculous emails to my parents, I have a) taken all my forms to the solicitors re flat and b) sorted out a bunch of stuff at work (on my own, like a boss, frankly). I am in a much better place now, although I felt like absolute crap yesterday after my body caught up with my mind. 

HOWEVER, holy shit, you would not think working over Christmas - on what is considered by the business A NORMAL WORK DAY - would be so hard. But basically I've had to justify why I'm coming in (I live in London, this rule only came in last month so I'd not planned for the leave, I want to carry over the leave for when I move) and what work I'm going to do (SO MUCH, ffs!). I only got final confirmation today that I could without it being a huge, massive deal. 

ON A NORMAL WORK DAY. It's not like I'm trying to get them to let me work Christmas Day or anything. 

Anyway, that is tedious. Tomorrow I am planning on swimming, posting parcels, setting up my Dad's Christmas present (wooooooooo it's shiny and awesome) and trying to finish my wrapping. Sunday I might go out for a walk somewhere interesting and to do any shopping I have left over. Should be nice. 

I need to try booking a doctor's appointment next week but not sure that'll work out before Christmas. Ah well, never mind. 

Very little else to report here right now, but things do feel as if they're getting a bit better.

Oh wait, there is something exciting: new laptop OH YEAH :D :D :D
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People who follow me on Twitter may be wondering why I've suddenly got obsessed with cleaning and sorting out. I am not, thankfully (HOLY CRAP the last couple of weeks have been dull), but there has been a very good reason for it all. I am selling my flat!

I've been thinking about it for a while, after having a rubbish summer and knowing my original mortgage deal was coming to an end next month (4 years!!!!!), so I got a valuation after we got back from Cornwall, and it was pretty damn good, so my original idea of putting the flat on the market after Christmas went out of the window and it's all moved a bit quickly since.

I had a guy in today doing floorplans and photos, so I think it'll be online next week and then come the viewings, and then all the rest of it. I'm quite nervous about it all, but quite excited too.  

My parents have been lovely and said I can move in with them for a bit after I sell, which means I don't have to look for somewhere while I'm selling (I seriously owe them for this, I'm not sure I could cope with work, selling AND buying). I'm planning on staying in South-East London if at all possible (other locations were very briefly considered).  

So, that's my news. Big changes coming! Sadly I've not had anything positive on the job front, but all I can do is plug away at that and hopefully something will come up.

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I am still riding on a bit of the high from the Depeche Mode concert and will be for quite some time, I imagine. I’m listening to their stuff even more since we went, lol (and that in itself is a bit tricky considering how much I was listening to before). 

I think my laptop is on the way out, which is disappointing but not exactly unexpected (it is second hand and about…six years old). I can’t afford a new one but I’m hoping the laptop can hang on until the beginning of autumn and I can hopefully get a good deal/a decent payment plan. My DVD player has also died, which is not a huge deal (I can watch stuff on the laptop) but is another thing I can’t afford to replace, sigh.

I am working on adding the jewellery I’ve made to my Dawanda shop. It took me all Saturday to do a third of them (it’s not fast work :/). Trying to do a lot of photo uploading in general so that things aren’t just sitting on the computer.

Also over the weekend I watched half a season of The Blue Rose, which for the Tribe fans among you stars Antonia Prebble. It’s a really, really good show and I will be doing an lj update at some point with screencaps/rambling etc. And hopefully some idea about where you can find it, because I got it from kikishua. I’ve also been enjoying The Americans a heck of a lot. I gave up on The Fall after the first episode as I didn’t really get into it and I have so much other stuff to watch besides.

There was a new Poirot on last night which I watched rather than The Returned as I was at the parents’ (I might watch The Returned tonight, I am looking forward to it). It was pretty good and had a very good cast but I found the actual resolution quite weak as I couldn’t quite work out why the people involved had gone to all that trouble when there were simpler ways of resolving their problems. Na, ja.

I also watched Fast Girls over the weekend, which was shamelessly manipulative (it’s a British sports movie released last year, enough said really) but which I did enjoy. It’s about a team of runners who make up the 4x4 relay team at the Worlds *cough*theycouldn’tgetpermissiontousetheOlympics*cough* and there’s a posh one and one from the wrong side of the tracks and the older voice of experience etc etc. But it’s a feelgood movie focusing on some good, young British actresses (Lenora Crichlow <3) and it does exactly what it needs to do.

Oh, and we also watched part one of a documentary on the Eagles which was pretty interesting (Dad is recording the second half) and made me realise I haven’t listened to Hotel California in a while.

I have now watched up to POI 211 and there’s a half-written entry ramblesqueeing (yes, I just made up that word) about it somewhere on my usb. I need to go back to it and attempt to add more and then POST THE DAMN THING. Ahem.

In other news, I posted a little comment fic yesterday, which is sort-of exciting as I have been stuck in WIP hell FOREVER (alright, not really forever). I have another one to finish and post hopefully this evening (will link to them both afterwards) and then I really really must get on with my other writing. I just have too many things to do :/. I’ve been super restrained with the jewellery/card stuff recently; I haven’t got it out even though I’ve really wanted to make more stuff.

(on the other hand, I am pleased with how tidy and organised the flat has been lately, so even though it’s been a bit frustrating, there have been benefits too)

I really need to write tonight. Sigh. 

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 It is 1.45 am and I have turned my laptop back on after 2 hours of desperately trying to get to sleep or even just to block out the noise of downstairs man's birthday party. I cannot do this because he is a complete and total dick and his music is so loud. I have no idea how the people at the party are even talking to each other. 

Someone else has music on somewhere (I think it is upstairs? I normally presume next door but it's not his type of music at all) and I can't say I blame them. I had my mp3 player on for a while but had to give up. I don't want to listen to music, I don't want to be on the laptop, I want to be ASLEEP.

I actually went down to ask him to turn it down at 11.45, which is when he explained it was his birthday. I was going to go down at 1.30 but I got outside the door and I could hear a lot of dudes outside and ok, there's probably nothing to worry about but I didn't really feel comfortable going down to talk to neighbour when I'm in my pyjamas, let alone neighbour and a bunch of dudes I don't know. 

I think it's getting even louder so I'm going to try again. Will just have to deal with it. 

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 Am logged in so may as well update. 

Work: frustrating. Home: pretty good, though I have no curtains in the bedroom (parents came over to put stuff up, took down blind then discovered walls were too solid to drill into). However I do have hooks up for jewellery so I'm not complaining (pictures at some point, possibly when I've checked them to make sure the room isn't a mess). London: awesome. TV: so good for me right now. 

Still loving Elementary and Person of Interest, still not in a position to be coherent about either (I keep making flaily hand movements at the screen during PoI particularly). I am enjoying Game of Thrones as well. 

Broadchurch was v good although I am not keen on a second series. 

Emmerdale is a bit annoying and was just stupid tonight, hoping the current plotline with Jai's dad pretending Jai's baby is his (long story) is over soon as it is just dim. Casualty is pretty good and Daniel Anthony continues to be lovely. I think I missed Holby last week which is probably just as well as Tara died a couple of weeks ago which would mean Oliver had a valid reason to be upset but I'd still have hated him.

Forgot Vicious was on but remembered about 8 minutes in so I'll have to catch the first part on itv player at some point. I need to watch the last 15 minutes of Doctor Who as well because the internet was being a complete bastard yesterday (Chrome refused to work so I had to use IE all afternoon aaaaaargh).

Not sure if there's anything else to add right now. I have some jewellery photos to upload for the next 42 minutes (another episode of Elementary woo!) but then will be going to bed, so I will try to update with photos of home stuff at some point this week. 
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 I am suuuuper behind on talking about tv, I know. Will try to do an entry this evening I think. 

I have not been updating for various reasons, mostly due to being super busy at work (and work itself being pretty horrible) and therefore not having time for anything else. 

So, outside of work: I thought I had escaped pigeons on the balcony this year but now I think maybe the weather just put the bastards off, siiiiigh.

I went with the parents up to Leicester this week to see Dear etc, which was good fun if a bit headache-inducing (due to noise levels, but I knew that going in so was well stocked up with painkillers). It was very cold too. The weather has, in general, been a massive fucking pain. I don't have any sort of SAD symptoms, generally my one requirement for weather is 'not raining while I am outside', but ugh, so fed up of it. It is sunny right now but I don't know if that's supposed to last. 

Good Friday I came home and did a big clean of the flat, so it is now very nice, except of course the rug in the living room needed vacuuming again basically as soon as I finished. I am repainting one of my lamps from the living room (will do the other too if this works out) and need to get a new lampshade for it.

I went out yesterday, supposedly to go to Camden Passage in Islington, which houses a load of antique shops. However, I had only looked at a map once before I set out, so I took a huuuugely roundabout route to get there. It was a good walk though, so that's alright. I eventually made to Isligton about 2 1/2 hours after I set off, and it's a nice place to go for a short wander but I wasn't that impressed overall (although they did have Lotus biscuit spread in their Sainsbury's, and I'd been on a hunt since C told me about it*).

I then went on another very long wander with no real destination in mind and subsequently ended up at Caledonian Road & Barnsbury, which is a London Overground stop in the middle of nowhere. I then took a stupid route back down towards Greenwich because of engineering works etc, and finally made it to Greenwich to have lunch and go to the foot tunnel, which was actually fic research. 

Obviously I ended up at Island Gardens (the north exit of the Greenwich foot tunnel) and then briefly went to Crossharbour to go to Asda, where I needed to get some house stuff and the new Depeche Mode and Hurts albums (I have not listened to either yet so no response). After THAT I think my body just sort of gave up so I came back home and attempted to do some stuff on the interwebs but really just faffed and read fic and failed to post any photos (I tired myself out, basically). 

Today I am going over to the parents' so I am going to take some wips and do a bit of writing, and tomorrow I am finally going to have the 'rec/comment on fic' binge I've been promising myself for ages. And I have read some really good fic recently :D.

*and it is amazing, btw www.waitrose.com/shop/ProductView-10317-10001-231163-Lotus+biscuit+spread+smooth

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