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TV has been good to me this week :D. Just hope I can write some decent fic from all this.

So Killjoys came back and it was AMAZING and did basically everything I wanted.

Spoilers below

Killjoys )

In other news, there's a show called New Blood which is on BBC One and iplayer which EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH. It's a crime procedural with an odd couple and it's ridiculously charming.

The premise is as follows:

He (Stefan) is a Polish guy working undercover for the Serious Fraud Office! Other he (Rash) is an Iranian guy who’s a trainee detective in the Met! They fight crime!

There are spoilers below, including one for a really tense scene, so I don't recommend reading on if you haven't seen the first story yet.

New Blood )


30 May 2016 21:03
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Quick update: enjoying Mum, a sitcom about bereavement with a sweet core. It's not hilarious funny but I love the characters. 

Finally finished Scott and Bailey (loved it) and Line of Duty, which is possibly the best thing I've watched so far this year. I have still not finished Happy Valley, or started Penny Dreadful (Shazad Latif is in it this series, so I am VERY excited). 

Emmerdale update, as I've just got up to date:


Still really annoyed by Jimmy's failure to take Ashley's condition seriously, and it makes NO SENSE.

I was seriously rooting for Cain and then he started being a dick again. HOWEVER I do not have any sympathy for Holly given that she was essentially emotionally blackmailing her mum by going 'I know I did the horrible wrong thing, but now I've bought some drugs and if you don't call back I'll take them.'

I'm confused by Aaron and Robert apparently being on speaking terms (or back together). Did I miss a day somewhere? 

Not massively impressed with the writing over the last week, tbh. There's a lot of plots coming out of nowhere. 

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It has been a ridiculously stressful week, but most of the things causing me trouble are over. We have now booked our flights for Japan, OH YES (did I mention this? I'M GOING TO JAPAN NEXT YEAR). Lots of faff getting them sorted but oh my GOD, it's done now!

I've not been doing much else but working and stressing, and I am mainly posting this because I need to talk to someone about Emmerdale (I looked on Tumblr again; mistake!). [livejournal.com profile] girlofprey, TALK TO ME SO I'M NOT JUST SHOUTING AT MY TV. It's so weird, why is Jimmy taking Ashley's illness 90% less seriously than everyone else? I am reconsidering my position on Lawrence, although his treatment of the people around him still drives me mad. Still not here for whatever nonsense Holly is pulling. 

I am just sitting down to the last episode of Marcella, which mostly has not lived up to potential. Interested to see how it resolves. I am still yet to finish The Tunnel S1, Line of Duty S3 or Happy Valley S2 (!!). 
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So there was going to be an entry here about High-Rise buuuuuuut my browser crashed and swallowed it so it will have to wait until I can type it up again (short version, I really enjoyed it). 

In the meantime, here are some things I have recently watched:

The Night Manager - glossy, big budget spy thing with Tom Hiddleston and everyone ever. Good but nothing really new in the spy genre, and Olivia Colman straight up acted everyone else off the screen. 

The Goldbergs - cute and silly 1980s sitcom based on Adam Goldberg's experiences growing up. The mum of the family - played by Wendi McClendon-Covey - is fantastic. One nice touch is that at the end of the episodes you see footage from the writer's own home videos that they've recreated in the show.

The Aliens - odd, no-budget SF drama on E4. Yes, there are aliens in the UK, but funnily enough they look exactly like humans. It's a bit heavy-handed with how the aliens are treated but there are some interesting elements and Michaela Coel plays the most ruthless female character I have ever seen in anything. She is amazing. 

Deadpool - very funny comic book film, although I was so late seeing this I think everyone else who wanted to see it saw it ages ago. This did not stop me having a great time in the cinema.

Trapped - Fortitude but done properly. Icelandic murder mystery set in a town cut off by the weather, really interesting characters and a really satisfying conclusion. 

Line of Duty - Intense as usual, I expect to regret watching it sometime in ep 4 but will be unable to give it up as usual. 

I'm sure there was something else but I can't think of it right. TBH I've been listening to a lot more stuff than I've been watching this week as I have mostly been painting the hall.

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Someone talk to me about Deutschland 83, because I accidentally got a terrible pile of feelings when I watched it and I'm currently expressing them through angsty drawerfic. 

Spoilers abound, obviously. 

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No proper update this week, as on Thursday I was grumpy from dealing with Tesco customer service and Southeastern being useless, and then on Friday I had the day off to paint. I painted my bedroom this weekend and I looooooove it. I did purple (as in my last flat; I really love purple) but this time I've done the wall behind my bed in a bright purple as a feature wall and the other walls in pale purple. 

However due to this I have either been a) painting or b) worn out, so I haven't really watched anything or been able to think about things to write or whatever (although I have been working on my Killjoys fic, little by little). I fully expect not to be able to lift my arms properly tomorrow. 

I have helpfully just discovered that I didn't set Call the Midwife to record this week so I'll have to get it on iPlayer. :/ Excitingly, Vera is back this week but I haven't watched it yet. Oh and Jericho is actually turning into something quite intriguing, and has managed to wrongfoot me a couple of times. 

This is quite a boring entry, but hopefully next time I'll have managed to get some pictures with a bit of daylight, so maybe next time will be more interesting!


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 I'm so fricking tired, people! The weather and Southeastern being shit and being suuuuper busy at work is just adding up to me being wiped out by the time I get to dinner. Oh also the sodding foxes that think it's great fun to have a fight in my garden, they can fuck right off. 

ANYWAY. For this week's update, I am going to talk about the latest episode of Call the Midwife, because it was great. There are lots of CTM spoilers in this entry and a spoiler for the last series of Last Tango In Halifax. 

spoilers )
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Bit late this week as I was too knackered after work to put things into words and this entry would have just been me going BUT JOHNNY 80 times.

In other TV news, the second episode of Jericho was much more interesting than the first, and it may actually be doing something interesting.

I watched War and Peace earlier and Tom Burke turned up. This was the whole reason I was watching, so hurrah. However the rest was dull and I'm not carrying on with it.

Call the Midwife was back tonight and it was excellent, and terribly sad, and lovely, and I'll probably talk about it on next week's entry.

As usual with TV recs I don't want to give too much away so some of this may seem a bit vague.

So, my sister has a pretty good run of getting me into things, and she mentioned Killjoys to me AGES ago, and then gave me the first three episodes on USB, which I duly watched and enjoyed. I then got hold of the rest of the episodes (starting from 5 because ????) and watched them in quick succession a couple of weeks ago. THEN I realised I'd missed an episode so still had one left (HURRAH!) so I got hold of 4 and watched that too. And then I wrote 6600 words of fic in the last two weeks (although some of that will have to be rewritten as my memory is faulty and I'd forgotten some fairly important details because that's just what I do, SIGH). Basically, it's been a blast. I'm literally rewatching episode 1 as I finish this off and it is a very good starter episode.

The basic setup of Killjoys is that the main characters are bounty hunters IN SPAAAAACE, and there is political intrigue and civil unrest and all that fun stuff so there's an arc plot as well as fighty chasey bits. And there's a lot of fighty chasey bits. It's SO GOOD. It also feels a lot like someone made the show in about 2002 and then just held onto it for 13 years because it is a big old throwback in a lot of ways (this is a good thing, there need to be more SF shows with people doing fun things in space, it's all getting a bit boring and grim).

The main characters are Dutch and Johnny, who are both Reclamation Agents (Killjoys) working for the Reclamation Apprehension Coalition (R.A.C.) and are best friends and basically platonic life partners. Their relationship is such fun (soooooo satisfying) and the backstory that gets revealed is great too. The other main is D'avin, who is Johnny's brother and who they pick up from a slaver ship in episode 1 and who then becomes a Killjoy as well. Everything in their area of space is run by The Company, who are clearly no good at coming up with interesting names (although the RAC is an independent body somehow). There are dynasties fighting for control and nationalist factions and revolutionaries and class issues and all sorts.

They mostly operate in the Quad, which is made up of a planet (Qresh, where the aristos live) and three moons (Leith, where the middle classes live), Westerly (where the plebs live) and Arkyn (dead moon due to being stripped for resources, well done everyone). 

Dutch is basically the boss of everything, and she is played by Hannah John-Kamen, who has been in a few UK things including The Hour and Happy Valley. Dutch is really fascinating as she is instantly super-cool and then the more her past gets revealed the more interesting she becomes. Also she's really good in a fight, and sometimes all I want out of life is to watch attractive people fighting, so this show really delivers on that front.

Here is a long list of evidence in gif form (spoilers): www.buzzfeed.com/katangus/dutch-killjoys-yas-kween

D'avin originally looks to be just muscle (quite nice muscle tbh) but he does quickly become a useful member of the team. He's a soldier who hasn't been in contact with Johnny for 8 years, and I really liked the way they dealt with what happened to him and what they did with him and Johnny (I could have happily had it go on a bit longer but they did only have 10 episodes in total). D'avin is the audience proxy in a lot of ways as he is learning about the Killjoy stuff as he goes along, and actually one of the fun things about the show is the worldbuilding and working out what's going on in the Quad.

Okay, and Johnny [deep breath]. Look, I am basically guaranteed to fall for any character who is loyal, supportive, caring, not usually the main character etc etc. It happens every time. EVERY TIME. I can literally think of one show where my favourite character has been the main. ONE. Most recently before this it was Pythagoras on Atlantis, and for the past few years my OTC has been Justin Ripley from Luther. So I had a vague idea going into this that I was going to like Johnny. Did I know how much? NO I DID NOT. He's just so kind and so supportive and so lovely and good at fixing things and probably a bit too soft to actually be a Killjoy, and I don't even know what to tell you. Just. Johnny Jaqobis <3. Dude literally starts the series getting beaten up. There was no way I wasn't going to love him. Sigh.

There are some really cool recurring characters as well, including dodgy aristo Delle Seyah Kendry (who has a thing for Dutch, which is just sensible really), bar owner Pree (who I think is the character who fulfils 'this person needs a better job than listening to these idiots all the time' function in the show) excellent AI Lucy and Level 5 Killjoy Fancy Lee (who is awesome and needs to be in it more next series pls, preferably in scenes with Johnny AHEM).

There are so many interesting little details that I've skipped here, but the choice is either short and posted or long and never posted, hahaha. There are only 10 episodes so it is easy to catch up on, and so I would recommend just watching the whole thing (although my faves are episode 6, because Fancy and episode 7 because of fallout from D'avin's past and I am UNDERSELLING THIS LIEK WHOA to avoid spoilers). Also there is bugger all fic (EIGHTY FOUR WORKS on AO3. EIGHTY FOUR!) which is a damn shame, so preferably people should watch it and write more (I am working on it myself, so if anyone wants to beta some Fancy Lee/Johnny fic let me know, lol).

Happily there is a season 2 coming, which I am SUPER EXCITED about, especially as the first season ended in a really interesting place and on a big old cliffhanger. I neeeed to know what happens! However right now I need to go to bed so I am going to end there despite having only said about half of what I could say. And tomorrow I'm going to rewatch episode 2, yay!
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 I've been meaning to update about Luther since it was on, so here's a quick run through of some other stuff first:

a. 100% obsessed with KIlljoys at the moment, update coming soon, I LOVE IT. 
b. Silent Witness came back last week and was SUPER DUMB.
c. Gave up on Jericho 20 minutes in, was boring. 
d. Endeavour is ok but just background noise. 
e. Have yet to try out War and Peace. 
f. Watching The Last Panthers (Sky Atlantic); enjoyably international but generally a bit daft, taking itself very seriously. 
g. Did I mention Cordon? SO DUMB, but I enjoyed it. Sooooo dumb. 
h. Deutschland 83 is excellent, and it's nice to be able to watch something in German. 
i. And finally, Musketeers will not be on until some time after March W T A F. 

With that out of the way, East London Misery Hour Season 4!

Luther )
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So recently London Spy has been on BBC 2, featuring Ben Whishaw being his usual excellent and slightly melancholy self. I watched all of it (I know a lot of people gave up partway through, which totally makes sense, frankly), and I have spoilery thoughts:

Spoilers ) and between the two of us we worked out that the show either needed to be shorter (so no timewasting) or longer (so the plot points had time to breathe). Overall it was an unsatisfying viewing experience that - with a bit more thought - could have been much much better. 
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Second timed post! Be impressed, lol.

Tonight I met up with [livejournal.com profile] delgaserasca for Greek food; it was great. I loooooove The Real Greek, and can only recommend that you check the menu out and go. Here, I'll make it easy for you: www.therealgreek.com/

Recently I have been watching a lot of TV to catch up, and I have made it through Cordon, Daredevil and the episodes of Gotham series 2 that are out. I've also been listening to a lot of podcasts, and there will be an entry entirely on those at some point, because I'm always looking for new shows. However, for now I'm just going to talk about TV.


Spoilers )

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Oh GOD I am useless. I'm so useless I've actually set myself an alarm to come and post here every week (or comment on fic if I really have nothing to say). I hope you are all ok! 

ANYWAY! First post of the new regime, lol. The weather has turned, going from surprisingly mild to OMG LAYERS, so that's a pain. More of a pain was the storm the other night which blew over one of the pots I have outside of my front door, which is worrying as they've got rocks in the bottom. Oh well, tree seems to have survived, though a lot of stuff went over that night and a bunch of things ended up hitting my windows (mostly paper/plastic).

Recently I have been crocheting a lot to get Christmas presents done (and will be doing that again once I post this), I did Open House (pictures here: metropolithan.blogspot.co.uk/), I've been to Brussels with Lesley (there will eventually be photos of this but I am slow) and I have been doing a lot of tech support for my parents. I have recently accepted that this is basically my purpose in life now ;)

I'm typing this while listening to Watch What Crappens, which is a podcast about the Real Housewives shows (which I don't watch) and they're attempting to do Cheshire accents and it is completely ridiculous. All their accents are completely ridiculous tbh but hilarious.

I have also been slowly working my way through the stuff saved on my Freesat box and other TV shows, mainly because I want to watch Justified but can't start that until I have less than 50 billion other things to watch. Last weekend I watched Under the Skin, which was very odd (Scarlett Johansson was amazing though) and made my way through a few episodes of River. The last episode was this week, and scattered thoughts are under the cut, mostly taken from an email conversation with [livejournal.com profile] delgaserasca earlier:

RIver )
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I've been meaning to post for AGES but have been generally useless lately, for reasons which I will now explain. But first! A couple of quick happy updates:

1) I've been in my flat for just over a year and it is wonderful. I love it so much and sometimes still can't believe it is mine. Garden is coming on amazingly too. 

2) As of lunchtme today I have THREE nieces, woo hoo! Which also means I need to get on with the crochet things I'm doing for the baby. 

Anyway, update: I have been rubbish at everything for a while because work just got worse and worse, and there was some fuckery I still don't entirely understand, added to the fact that the department I worked in was being run very oddly and with no real thought for how the people there were supposed to cope BUT upshot is I found another job and do not have to care about this anymore, hurrah!

I left my job (with three months' notice, mind you) at the end of July, and jumped straight into my new job, which thus far is fab. It is properly in the City of London, which is AMAZING, and I have been doing a lot of walking and wandering. The hours are set at 9-5 which is pretty great as in my last few months at Pearson there was a) way too much to do and b) extended hours, which meant I was pretty regularly working 10+ hour days, so it felt like all I did for months was work, eat and sleep. Suddenly a) I can do things in the evening and b) I'm not completely fucking exhausted all the time. 

It does feel like my head is so much clearer these days, and multiple people have told me I seem more relaxed (I aaaaam), but it is also the culture of the new place that makes a difference. Even the idea of starting a job and not immediately getting thrown in is a novelty to me - I was speaking to another new starter (who had worked at Pearson in the past) who said the same thing. It's just really, really good so far. 

What this has meant is that I've made bugger all progress on anything, although I have made a couple of updates on metropolithan.blogspot.com, and recently got back to posting on emptylondon.tumblr.com/ (possibly my favourite thing I've ever done, if I'm honest) so I am trying to get back to normal and not progressing on stuff because I have too many hobbies, and not because I'm too knackered for any of those hobbies. I also get to take a WHOLE HOUR for lunch at work, which means I have been able to do some crochet, so I am currently trying to finish a shawl and then can take in another project to work on. Amazing. 

What I haven't been doing lately is writing, which is disappointing to me but every time I think about it I just have other things that come first (even when it comes to non fiction like reviews or Metropolithan). I didn't have the spare brain power for months and months so I just stopped, apart from a couple of hundred words on an original thing which is purely for my own amusement. I think I'm just going to have to be disciplined and sit down with no distractions to see what is still salvageable and what isn't. 

I have recently been watching Hannibal (amazing), one episode of Daredevil (liked very much), Witnesses (stupid, chucked it in), Odyssey (daft conspiracy nonsense but enjoyable), Brooklyn 99 (hilarious), Long Lost Family (makes me cry every episode), Undercover Boss (surprisingly good workout tv, also semi-regularly makes me cry), Cordon (daft but really enjoyable OH NOES A VIRUS QUARANTINE ANTWERP drama) and probably a pile of other things I have forgotten. Oh, Orphan Black, I'm about three episodes into the latest series. 

I think that's it for now, but I will attempt to come back more regularly, if nothing else I need to do some fic recs!
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 Sporadic TV update time!

1) Weekly Wipe is currently on, cynicism yay! (presume everyone's seen this now, but in case not - www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2015/feb/10/nathan-barley-charlie-brooker-east-london-comedy)

2) Musketeers has been great so far this series, Marc Warren (ugh) notwithstanding. I only got round to watching last week's (2x05) last night, and I enjoyed it a heck of a lot more than I expected to (based on comments people had made and spoilers I hadn't managed to avoid). Everyone is still incredibly attractive, damn them all. 

3) Call the Midwife has been amazing this series, but also pretty fucking upsetting, frankly. However Patsy is AMAZING and I love her. 

4) I am really enjoying Catastrophe - Sharon Horgan is brilliant in sitcoms and I really love her writing on this one. I adore the relationship between Sharon and Rob in this show (for anyone who's not heard of it, Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney play a couple who meet in London, have a lot of sex, and then decide to make a go of it when Sharon gets pregnant) and it s hilarious. It's all on 4oD if you want to give it a go.

5) The Last Leg is currently on Channel 4 and is as funny as always, although it is still suuuuuper dude heavy which is disappointing (so far this series the only female guest has been Kathy Burke, which was great, and apparently Sarah Millican is going to be on next week). 

6) I have finally got Sky Go sorted out (thank you parents!) and have watched the first 3 episodes of Fortitude which I have really enjoyed so far. I loooooove the atmosphere and the setting and the occasional hints that it might turn into The Thing (it won't, I know this). Everyone is a little bit dodgy so far. 

7) Also on the Sky Go theme, I can now watch Psychobitches properly instead of just the clips on Youtube \o/ oh, the Brontes are the best.

8) Up the Women has also been great this series (second Rebecca Front thing on this list), and I have just remembered that I need to dl some more episodes!

9) Spiral series 5 was fantastic. Gilou and Laure's relationship is the best thing on television - I could watch them forever. Everyone was super attractive and super screwed up this series, but the actual plot was really exciting too. 

I think that's it, though there's a 90% chance I'll come back to edit this entry later when I think of something else I've watched recently. 
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 While I am on a roll with posting, let's try to get back into this and talk about TV (because Silent Witness fandom has dropped off the internet I think, so I'll have to talk to myself). 

1) Foyle's War has been excellent, and last night's episode managed to be very timely (by accident) as it dealt with anti-semitism. I am finding Foyle's new position quite interesting. Also Sam's inability to stay in the car. 

2) Atlantis somehow went away and turned into a good show for series two. HOW. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? I'm not kidding, it has actually become enjoyable to watch for reasons other than laughing incredulously. I can't even refer to it as shirtless nonsense hour anymore ffs (more shirtlessness pls). 

3) Sleepy Hollow is ridiculous and I love it. I don't care if it doesn't make any sense. Also casting spoiler ) 

4) I REALLY LOVE GOTHAM. Once I've done this and put away all my bills etc (boring) I am going to watch episode 11. I love everything about it, especially Alfred. Ahem. 


5) MUSKETEERS! Musketeers has been very good, though I cannot fricking stand Marc Warren and that stupid voice he is doing and his stupid face and his stupid attitude and I don't care if it is all intentional I wish he would just fuck off. Ahem. However the main cast are still incredibly attractive so good for them. 

6) Silent Witness returned with the usual 'but it isn't remotely accurate!' articles blahing on about how forensic scientists don't do any of this, as if people who are watching a show in its EIGHTEENTH series don't know that. We know, we don't care, can't we talk about how attractive Jack is or how Emilia Fox manages to keep having amazing hair or how excellent Clarissa is? There's bugger all fandom for the show, sadly (even less since Harry left) so apparently no we can't. Anyway there was a sniper and Richard was an idiot (SHOCK - I hope his characterisation is intentional because he is always an idiot) and it was very good. 

7) Brooklyn 99 is amazing and hilarious but I've forgotten what episode I'm up to so I won't go into details. 

8) Broadchurch came back and I watched the first episode (not by choice, I was at my parents') and it was miserable from start to end. Hoping to avoid the rest of the series.


10) Recently I have watched Inglorious Basterds (enjoyed it a lot) and rewatched Hot Fuz (still perfection). Thought there was something else but I've forgotten now. 

11) Spiral is back and it is great. Roban :D I love watching Laure and Gilou attempting to be sensible adults. I think only one of them can be at a time because they do seem to swap. 

12) On Emmerdale, I am enjoying the current round of Aaron Makes Terrible Life Decisions up until any point when Robert is onscreen. I hate him SO MUCH. Elsewhere, Cain is an idiot, Charity is annoying, Adam is being sweet and I am feeling very bad about the Belle storyline (I actually dropped the show around the time she killed Gemma as it was all quite depressing).  
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I have watched a bunch of things recently. Currently I am watching the third episode of The Driver, a David Morrisey vehicle (PUN SO INTENDED) which is essentially what would happen if you set The Transporter in the real world and then gave the guy a family to stress about. I love it. OBVIOUSLY. I now fully intend to watch The Transporter this weekend, if not 2 and 3 as well. It also made me dig out my most self-indulgent wip and do some work on that (yes, I am still writing, and yes, I do intend to post things eventually).

(I am still avoiding the TV series on the presumption it will be utter rubbish, but if anyone knows different, do tell!)

I am also watching Our Girl, though I am currently three episodes behind. Enjoying it a lot - I think Lacey Turner is great in everything and it is nice to watch a military-based show with a female lead character. 

I have watched the first three episodes of Brooklyn 99, all of which were as great as series 1. SUCH a funny show. 

I watched episodes 1 - 3 of Gotham while we were away and really really enjoyed it - far more than I expected to as I was literally just watching for Sean Pertwee (who is lovely as ever). I actually really like Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon but have seen a bunch of reviews talking about him being boring, oh well. 

I have also picked up Emmerdale again recently and am loving/hating shouting at the screen as per usual. Declan is SUCH a bastard. The Dingles can mostly fuck off. I keep forgetting both Alicia and Leyla are in it again. 

Lesley and I watched the first two episodes of Grantchester but then gave up because a) we did not find the main guy sympathetic, b) it didn't really hang together and c) everyone was very much a stock character with one or two personality traits. And when both Lesley and I lose patience with a show that is a pretty bad sign. 

The latest series of Lewis started up two weeks ago, (I still don't like having it on Friday nights in chunks), and hm. Well. I had gone off the show a bit in the last series (it just didn't seem to be going anywhere new) but now apparently all my Hathaway feelings have come back. OH, HATHAWAY. DAMN YOU. Anyway, I really enjoyed this story (I hate calling them 'stories' when they split the episodes but I can't think of a better word) and am considering going back to rewatch the last series. Perhaps I judged it too harshly. 

I am sure there is more - I must have watched other TV - but can't think of anything right now. 
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Originally Crishna watched this show, I believe, because Antonia Prebble was in it, and as any fule kno, she was Trudy in The Tribe. She then passed it on to me as she thought it would be something I’d like.

Oh boy, was it something I liked.

(Crishna is probably going to be disappointed by this review as it’s taken me so long to post it, so sorry Crishna)

Here’s the trailer: www.youtube.com/watch

Jane (Antonia Prebble) is an office temp who gets a job working at a law firm and soon finds out that the previous holder of her job – Rose – is actually dead and hasn’t just moved on to another job. Rose’s best friend Linda suspects that Rose was killed and quickly recruits Jane to help her find out what happened to Rose.

The question of what actually happened to Rose runs through the whole series is the series arc, but there are also cases-of-the-week as Jane and Linda start working with Ganesh (an IT manager at the law firm) and Sonya (an accountant who also used to work there) to investigate other mysteries/cases of corporate dodginess, and to paraphrase Quantum Leap, to try to put right what once went wrong. And also to get tattoos and call themselves the Society of the Blue Rose. OF COURSE THEY DO.

I can’t give too many details as I don’t want to spoil the plot, but one of the things I liked most about the series was the pacing of the main plotline and the individual mysteries.

The real strong point of the series for me is the characters. If you want rounded, developed female characters, this has them in spades. Jane is a sympathetic protagonist who develops her own strength over the series. Linda is an amazing HBIC who has flaws aplenty and isn’t bothered by them. Sonya is a really interesting older woman who decided that she’d toed the line for too long and that she’s going to start living for herself. Krystle is hilariously self-centred. Varsha knows exactly what she wants and how to get it.

On the male side of things, there is Ganesh, who is a low-status IT guy in a company of flashy lawyers who starts off being reluctant to get involved with what Jane and Linda are doing. Charlie’s one of the junior lawyers who comes from a rich family, and Simon, Rose’s/Jane’s charming boss who comes complete with a jealous wife.

(I struggled to come up with the stuff about the men other than Ganesh – the women are more interesting, which is another thing that makes the series worth watching)

Other plus points: it’s smart, it’s funny (the episode with the mobile phone game was particularly good), the plot and character developments are believable and it’s just overall very satisfying viewing. The main characters are trying to solve problems and do the right thing, which is basically catnip to me.

The downside: it doesn’t look like there’s a second series coming ever, which is a damn shame. There is no fandom and therefore no fic which is a shame as I would read it. Also it’s a TV show from New Zealand so the DVD is unlikely to be coming to stores near you any time soon. But! Never fear, for I have a 4shared account and I’m not afraid to use it:


So, tl;dr - interesting, entertaining Bechdel test-passing drama with varied characters and a plot that does get wrapped up at the end of the season, thankfully. Give it a try and then come and chat to me about it if you so wish :D.

NB this is the first time I’ve linked to something on 4Shared so yell at me if it doesn’t work.

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Or, what I have watched recently and what I think about it.

In no particular order:

Orphan Black

Have seen three episodes so far and wooooo it's exciting! And twisty. And interesting. And I'm so behind that really, I probably don't need to tell anyone this because you've seen it already. Anyway, it's really good.

By Any Means

I have only seen the first episode so far, and it was a Hustle knock-off with pretensions to being a crime drama. However I have watched so much depressing drama recently that this kind of nonsense was pretty much exactly what I needed, so hooray for a show where Warren Brown isn't going to die. </bitter>


Southcliffe came across as one of the aforementioned depressing dramas - and holy crap, it was - but I found it to be a really interesting drama that went in a few ways I wasn't expecting (Rory Kinnear's character was particularly intriguing). It wasn't afraid to make its characters unsympathetic at times, but managed not to make them ALL awful all the time (looking at you, Mayday). Some of the timeshifting was a bit tricky to follow though, and as a result there were some elements of the show I wished had more focus.


Lovely shiny nonsense. LOVED. IT. High hopes for the rest of the series being as cracktastic.

The Bridge

Watching episode 3 as I type, and really enjoying this remake so far (also looking forward to The Tunnel). Diane Kruger's particularly great as Sonya Cross and I'm enjoying the US/Mexico stuff compared to the Denmark/Sweden stuff.

Brooklyn Nine Nine

LOVED. THIS. Loved the characters (and they were really well introduced in the first episode - I feel like I have a clear sense of who they all are), loved the acting, loved the jokes (still laughing about Terry Crews' character naming his daughters Cagney and Lacey). Really looking forward to the rest of the series.


Oh I LOVE the casting for the UK characters in Elementary. SEAN PERTWEE AAAAAAAAAAH <3. And Rhys Ifans was great - I really didn't expect him enjoy him that much. Really liked the Lestrade plot as well, And ohhhhhhhhhh Joan and Sherlock <3 <3 <3. So happy this is back.

Sleepy Hollow

I just want to watch people who've been kept away from the modern world for some reason being confused by daily life, is that so wrong? (my GOD, this show is good for me - yes alright Lucas was away for eight years, but hundreds? OK YES PLS) Loving this, wishing I had not got through the first two episodes because now I am up to date and I WANT MORE. Loving the characters (interested in where they're going with Jenny 'Sarah Connor' Mills), not loving the occasional creepy moments that come out of fricking nowhere aaaaaaaargh.

Person of Interest

I love this show so much. It's just the best. I watched 214 and 215 today, and Logan Pierce! Zoe! Joooooohn you ridiculous man. Still not over 213 either (the rooftop aals;fk;ffd; so good).

The thing is, objectively I can tell when the show is not that great, but I just don't care. Every single thing about it just hits me on a really deep level (the reason I am still on s2 is because I save up watching episodes - I could easily marathon it) but I find it hard to explain why.

Dancing With The Stars

I am not watching this properly, thankfully - I did watch a full episode today and it was pretty tedious outside of the dancing. Mostly I'm watching for the lovely Amber Riley and Corbin Bleu, who I have loved since HSM. I have also watched him in other stuff, including Disney stuff, because I have no shame. He's great. And his week 2 jive was AMAZING, especially after the Contemporary in week 1 (it was good, I'm just not a massive fan of Contemporary):

Strictly Come Dancing

Yay, it's the Stricty time of year! Not a great start to the series - seriously, is there ANYONE who wants Bruce to carry on presenting? HE IS TERRIBLE - and it seems to be quite a weak field atm, but it was good fun anyway. Favourites so far are Patrick Robinson (well, he is in Casualty) and Natalie Gumede (who has an amazing face and seems pretty awesome). Also slightly Dave Myers, because the Hairy Bikers are the best TV chefs. Would like Vanessa to be knocked out first, but that's mostly because I don't like her at all. Suspect it will be Tony, however. 

It'll be interesting to see how people look after the second dances - I really don't like having jives in week 1, I think they should be week 3 minimum so the celebs have had time to get used to just dancing before they tackle it. 

I think I've caught everything - this does cover a few weeks of viewing, although I watched a lot today! (the only upside to being ill)

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ETA: I have no idea why half this entry is in bold, I can't even see the relevant tag in the html. Might try to fix it again later but having no luck rn. Fixed thanks to [livejournal.com profile] delgaserasca.

…It isn’t Thursday night, obviously. It’s a Monday morning, and I’ve had no sleep, thanks to my idiot neighbour (the nice one, not Downstairs Man, he is a prick) who went out and left his computer game on pause, playing the same short piece of music over and over and over and over ALL NIGHT.


I am going to have a word with him later and if that does not include me screaming in his face, he should count himself lucky. Presuming I go home tonight – tempted to go over to my parents’ but I am already going over there for two nights this week so probably best if I do go home. Also I have stuff to do (photos).

[NB: I am posting this on Wednesday morning, and I have spoken to him, and turns out a few people were annoyed by this music, FANCY THAT. Turned out to be his computer screensaver, but I don’t think he’s going to be leaving it on again in a hurry. Also I’ve now had two good nights’ sleep, so am feeling a bit more like myself now]

So, in other news, I went to Hastings with the parents and Pudding a couple of weeks ago, but that’s a separate post (posted last night). Since getting back I have been working like a loon, reading, trying to catch up on TV and occasionally going out for things that are not food, but mostly not (by which I mean supermarkets, not restaurants).

Cut for spoilers (books/film):

Broken Homes, London Calling, Dandy Gilver and A Deadly Measure of Brimstone, The Killing Moon )Blancanieves )

I haven’t finished Top of the Lake yet, but it’s nice to watch a show where if something doesn’t quite make sense, there’s a fair chance it’s not just me, it’s the show.

Haven’t watched that thing on BBC One on Sunday nights atm (What Remains? Something like that) but am intending to get to it soon.

Currently watching Vera, which I am enjoying as ever. Last night’s was particularly heartbreaking in various places, and featured Saskia Reeves and Hugh Simon (!). Joe continues to be lovely.

Can’t think of what else has been on. Emmerdale is super annoying, I haaaaaate one of the new doctors on Holby (even more so after the most recent episode) and Casualty is pretty good. I have seen a few episodes of Coronation Street and I saw one episode of Eastenders and would like to know what happened in Devon, but other than that I don’t care. I’ve been watching quite a lot of CSI New York (ideal background show for me) and a few episodes of The Mindy Project here and there.

I need to rewatch Luther so I can do a proper entry about the series. And also work out if 303 & 304 actually do hang together at all (based on one viewing I’m veering towards no).

I'm going to try to catch up on TOTL tonight, while I do various boring things that need sorting now I've had enough sleep to deal with them.

In other exciting news, I am getting a haircut on Friday. WOOHOO! Going to go quite short this time, although I haven't decided how short.

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Not sure how I feel about this yet. Need to rewatch 3 & 4 together to see if it does hang together properly (I have my doubts about certain things). 

Longer meta on the whole series to come eventually...

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