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I have watched a bunch of things recently. Currently I am watching the third episode of The Driver, a David Morrisey vehicle (PUN SO INTENDED) which is essentially what would happen if you set The Transporter in the real world and then gave the guy a family to stress about. I love it. OBVIOUSLY. I now fully intend to watch The Transporter this weekend, if not 2 and 3 as well. It also made me dig out my most self-indulgent wip and do some work on that (yes, I am still writing, and yes, I do intend to post things eventually).

(I am still avoiding the TV series on the presumption it will be utter rubbish, but if anyone knows different, do tell!)

I am also watching Our Girl, though I am currently three episodes behind. Enjoying it a lot - I think Lacey Turner is great in everything and it is nice to watch a military-based show with a female lead character. 

I have watched the first three episodes of Brooklyn 99, all of which were as great as series 1. SUCH a funny show. 

I watched episodes 1 - 3 of Gotham while we were away and really really enjoyed it - far more than I expected to as I was literally just watching for Sean Pertwee (who is lovely as ever). I actually really like Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon but have seen a bunch of reviews talking about him being boring, oh well. 

I have also picked up Emmerdale again recently and am loving/hating shouting at the screen as per usual. Declan is SUCH a bastard. The Dingles can mostly fuck off. I keep forgetting both Alicia and Leyla are in it again. 

Lesley and I watched the first two episodes of Grantchester but then gave up because a) we did not find the main guy sympathetic, b) it didn't really hang together and c) everyone was very much a stock character with one or two personality traits. And when both Lesley and I lose patience with a show that is a pretty bad sign. 

The latest series of Lewis started up two weeks ago, (I still don't like having it on Friday nights in chunks), and hm. Well. I had gone off the show a bit in the last series (it just didn't seem to be going anywhere new) but now apparently all my Hathaway feelings have come back. OH, HATHAWAY. DAMN YOU. Anyway, I really enjoyed this story (I hate calling them 'stories' when they split the episodes but I can't think of a better word) and am considering going back to rewatch the last series. Perhaps I judged it too harshly. 

I am sure there is more - I must have watched other TV - but can't think of anything right now. 
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I really wanted to watch this but whoooooo I was way too tired. I think I missed a good 50% of wtf was going on.

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Going to try to do something more than my usual numbered list!

So, bullet points instead ;)

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Title: The song nobody knows
Summary: Things just went wrong too many times
Notes: Angst. I am not kidding about this. Character death, discussion of mental illness etc etc.

I started these fics after 401 – yes, it has taken me a year to get round to finishing them – and should be considered as coming somewhere in/after series 4. Obviously as I failed to get this posted before the new series started, it’s now AU.

Many thanks to [personal profile] megaleenaand [profile] janszyfor their beta comments. Any mistakes left in are entirely mine.

(fic title from a poem by Margaret Atwood, other section titles at end or this will go on even longer…)

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