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I have had such a busy weekend.

Friday night kikishua came over as Strictly was on, so we watched that which was fun. Saturday we went to Ikea \o/, where I bought stuff (including a laptop rest which has turned out to be one of the best things I have ever bought) and biscuits and we ate meatballs. I also bought paint for my bedroom. We then went to see Looper, which I really enjoyed (and watched the second ep of Strictly, of course).

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Sunday morning kikishua helpfully drove me to Sainsbury’s so I could buy heavy things and not have to drag them home myself, and then in the afternoon I did the first coat of the purple in my bedroom (it is lovely, and I will post photos when it’s more even). After that I made 5 more cards (still on the Christmas cards), made dinner for last night (smoked salmon pasta) and lunch for today (smoked salmon pate) and watched Mock the Week, Casualty and 2 QIs. And then once I’d done all that, I watched Merlin.

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I’m also working on various fics but it’s a bit piecemeal at the moment. I need to set aside some time just for that, really (hahahaha). Tonight I have some photos to post (Cornwall & other bits and pieces) and more cards to do and Monroe is on, woo!

Tonight for dinner I am planning on doing something with trout as I bought some thyme the other week (to go with my squid) and I’ve still got lots left. Yum. I have been thinking about this all day.

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