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I have had such a busy weekend.

Friday night kikishua came over as Strictly was on, so we watched that which was fun. Saturday we went to Ikea \o/, where I bought stuff (including a laptop rest which has turned out to be one of the best things I have ever bought) and biscuits and we ate meatballs. I also bought paint for my bedroom. We then went to see Looper, which I really enjoyed (and watched the second ep of Strictly, of course).

I love time travel plots anyway, so as long as the film doesn’t fuck it up too badly I’ll probably enjoy it. I really liked the world-building in Looper, and the humour was quite sly. I didn’t know Emily Blunt was in it so it was a nice surprise when she turned up. The resolution wasn’t 100% convincing given what had come before, but on the other hand Bruce Willis explicitly says during the film not to think about it too much.

Anyway, my main question is how Joseph Gordon-Levitt is narrating it, given that he kills himself at the end.
Sunday morning kikishua helpfully drove me to Sainsbury’s so I could buy heavy things and not have to drag them home myself, and then in the afternoon I did the first coat of the purple in my bedroom (it is lovely, and I will post photos when it’s more even). After that I made 5 more cards (still on the Christmas cards), made dinner for last night (smoked salmon pasta) and lunch for today (smoked salmon pate) and watched Mock the Week, Casualty and 2 QIs. And then once I’d done all that, I watched Merlin.

Oh my GOD. So since the last series the writers have a) watched Game of Thrones, b) decided to make half the men shirtless at every available opportunity and c) still have not learned how to balance the tone of an episode (Fear! Danger! Betrayal! Slapstick!). Also d) they seem to have introduced an alien to the cast. WHO KNOWS WHAT IS GOING ON ANYMORE?

I’ll be honest, a good chunk of my Merlin viewing is spent waiting for Gwaine to turn up and preferably get something to do, so I was a happy bunny after this episode, oh yes indeed.

The rest of it seemed pretty standard – Angel Coulby was very good, it’s a shame the servant girl turned out to be bad so quickly, Arthur was an honourable idiot, OMG MORDRED (good casting, that kid looks creepy), Liam Cunningham <3, Merlin walking into the rabbit trap was epically stupid, and yay Lindsay Duncan.
I’m also working on various fics but it’s a bit piecemeal at the moment. I need to set aside some time just for that, really (hahahaha). Tonight I have some photos to post (Cornwall & other bits and pieces) and more cards to do and Monroe is on, woo!

Tonight for dinner I am planning on doing something with trout as I bought some thyme the other week (to go with my squid) and I’ve still got lots left. Yum. I have been thinking about this all day.

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